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The Pros

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery will locate lost files on different devices, including DVDs, SD cards, cell phone memory cards and more.

The Cons

The Pro version of this software offers great features; however, it requires an additional purchase.


This recovery software is simple to use and will help you recover all your files in a straightforward manner.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is an excellent choice when you're trying to recover files from a disk catastrophe. It will help you to recover important files such as work emails, precious family photos and more. This file recovery software is simple to use. We were impressed that it was able to locate and restore all of our test files.

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One feature that makes Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery stand out is that it can recover and restore over 185 different file types. We also like the fact that this recovery software is compatible with all the most current versions of Windows, as well as some older versions and some server versions. It will also recover files from reformatted disks, altered partitions, cell phone memory cards, camera cards, DVDs, SD cards and more.

If you have experienced a disk or data disaster, you know how painfully frustrating it is. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery offers the tools you need to locate and restore your files with ease. If you are familiar with Windows, you should not have any problem navigating this file recovery software because it uses a Windows-like layout. When you are searching for lost files, you will also see the file details displayed. Additionally there is a preview for files so that you can preview them before restoring them.

As with most data recovery applications, Stellar Phoenix will recover data from files that have not been written over. However, it can also complete tasks that are a bit more difficult, such as locating files that are on reformatted or altered partitions. Additionally, it will recover files from internal drives as well as external drives, USB drives, CDs/DVDs and a variety of memory card types, such as microSD cards.

While the standard version of this software will not restore data from damaged sectors, the Pro version of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery will. The Pro version will allows you to create images of the damaged disk, and is much safer to restore data from a disk image than it is to pull the files from the damaged disk. This recovery software is extremely easy to use. Once you have this application installed on to your computer and you are ready to run a scan, you will find that you have only two options from which to choose: search drive and recover files and folders. Both of these options are clearly explained so you can choose the proper scan for the task at hand. There are also advanced scan and deep scans, which you'll find in the advanced options area.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery will recover nearly 200 different file types. These types include internet files, documents, audio files, image files, MP3 files, jpg files, gif files and many more. We are pleased to find that it recovers Office files as well, including PowerPoint and Excel files. When we tested this recovery software on our PC, it was able to locate everything that we had lost, uncorrupted.

When you are working to locate and recover lost files, you may find that you need a bit of extra help. Stellar Phoenix offers 24-hour technical support. However, the hours only include Monday-Friday. Additionally, Stellar Phoenix also offers live chat and call support using Skype. They also allow you to submit technical questions through a form, and a there's a comprehensive knowledgebase on the company's website.

If you are comfortable using Windows, you should not have any problems using Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery to locate and restore deleted files on your computer. It comes with quite a list of important features, such as the ability to locate just under 200 different files types, including files from camera cards. If you are searching for an application that has a bit more breadth, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery also offers a Pro version with some additional capabilities.

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