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The Pros

Achieves superb results in security software tests; Product includes three licenses; Creates a bootable recovery disk

The Cons

Customers sometimes don't realize that the price includes a three-user license


Kaspersky Antivirus provides complete protection, running light and continually updating to combat emergent threats.

Kaspersky Labs, spearheaded by charismatic Russian CEO Eugene Kaspersky, continues to create internet security solutions that outpace other antivirus products in detecting and removing malware. Founded in 1997, Kaspersky Labs is now one of the four largest internet security vendors on the planet; every week 150,000 new users download a Kaspersky product. This is one the best antivirus software solutions available and is suitable whether you require a high level of customization or just want to install it and forget about it.

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Antivirus software's primary job is to protect your PC and personal information. Unlike internet security suites that include a long list of additional modules and extra features, antivirus software is created to run light and protect your computer from malware. Although Kaspersky Anti-virus has always performed well in our labs, we also look to independent third-party efficacy scores to verify our deductions. In AV-Test certification awards, Kaspersky earns some of the highest scores. In fact, Kaspersky consistently excels in test conducted at quite a few independent test labs.

Kaspersky Anti-virus accomplishes its number one job of providing malware protection by protecting your PC and personal information from a variety of angles. This antivirus software scans all websites, emails, files, external drives, discs, chat content and applications you encounter for malicious software. If a bit of malware alters your system Kaspersky can return it to a safe, pre-malware state. It also protects your personal information from phishing attempts and provides a virtual keyboard so you can enter information such as passwords and usernames into websites securely.

This antivirus software does not rely solely on a set list of known threats to identify malware. It notices suspiciously behaving applications and you can request the software to inspect a suspect item for you on demand. Kaspersky Anti-virus includes cloud-based and software-based protection to provide powerful security whether your computer is connected to the internet or not.

One feature we appreciated is that this antivirus software includes what they call "smart updates," which are small, frequent updates that use less than 1 percent of system resources. You can also customize the notifications and configure it to react to an event in the manner you desire without interrupting you every time it performs an action. This software has a fullscreen gaming mode that will limit unnecessary tasks while you are. These features combined create a product that is not intrusive yet can be trusted to react when necessary.

As a general rule, the bigger an internet security company gets the better they are able to provide their customers a stellar product. Kaspersky now has over 300 million users helping to contribute to their virus database and helping them create more powerful real-time protection technologies. However, despite their growth they are still able to provide extended chat and telephone support to the U.S. as well as global support to customers in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa.

Our confidence in Kaspersky Antivirus is founded in their proven ability to protect any system for any user. This comprehensive software is flexible and customizable with a light footprint and an unobtrusive style. Kaspersky has their finger on the wily pulse of the malware underworld, and it can be trusted to protect your PC from all types of threats.

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Software Type Security
Platforms Windows
Required Processor 1 GHz or higher
Software Required OS: Windows 7 (all editions), Windows Vista (64-bit, 32-bit), Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro, Windows XP Media Center
Required RAM 1 GB available RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB available RAM (64-bit)
Disk Space 480 MB
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