Wood Headphones? No Splinters, Just Rumbling Bass

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How much wood would an iPad use if an iPad could use wood? Lots, if it were up to Vers Audio, the environmentally-friendly company that specializes in earthy accessories for iOS devices. Their new wooden headphones, the Vers 7E series, boast more intense bass, fit into a sleek circular metal carrying case, and come in either bamboo or walnut; no, that's not a texture, it's actually wood.

“Wood is simply the very best material for sound reproduction – it’s rigid, allowing the music to be heard as intended, but provides a natural warmth to music not possible with a plastic or metal earphone enclosure," said David Laituri, the company's founder, in a press release yesterday.

While you might generally associate oak with - say, your kitchen floor - or bamboo with - say, a panda - these headphones look darn good and could make for a rather affordable gift at $69. Don't worry about clashing; Vers has matching iOS cases. Oh and for each tree they use, they replant 100, so that certainly gets them the favor of some.

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