11 Weirdest and Wackiest Gadgets of CES 2013

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With more than 3,000 exhibitors at CES 2013, there are bound to be some gadgets that make you say, "Huh?!" We're talking about a potty iPad dock for junior, dancing robots and and a gizmo called The Butt Show. Seriously. Here are our picks for the weirdest, wildest and wackiest gadgets of CES 2013.

3D Photos

It's cute when you dress up your kids as animals, but downright creepy when you make a 3D photo of them and insert it into a plush toy.

Breo iDream3S Eye and Head Massager

This guy wouldn't be so relaxed if he knew how silly this contraption made him look.

Hello Kitty Popcorn Maker and Toaster

Who better to guide you through your culinary adventures?

TOSY mRobo Ultra Bass

Comes with dance moves and choreography from Derek Hough, three-time champion of "Dancing with the Stars." No, really.

TOSY DiscoRobo

This little guy dances to the beat of your favorite music. SuperStar DiscoRobo (not pictured) comes with a high-quality MP3 player and a whopping 2GB of storage!


The sign on the dog says it all.

Deranged Panda Bluetooth Speaker

We're not sure if this panda is drunk, leering or both.

The Butt Show

This device (on the left) shakes your booty as you walk up and down. Old guy taking photos of your rear end not included.

Party Animal Dancing Pet Speaker

These fun furry friends are on sale at Walgreens for as low as $19.95. Get yours today!

Mr. Marinator

Stew on this for a while.


They say the majority of iPads are used in the bathroom. Why not get them started early with a potty dock?

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