Toy Fair Day 1 Wrap-up: App-cessories, Kids' Tablets, and More

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Toy Fair 2012 may have officially kicked off yesterday, but we arrived on the show floor this morning. We wasted no time in catching up with the latest tech-centric gizmos and gadgets, and we found plenty to write home about. Oregon Scientific introduced us to its new MEEP! kiddie tablet, Mattel showed us a Barbie with a built-in camera, and more. Click through our slideshow for more of our show coverage.

Oregon Scientific MEEP! Tablet

Running Android 4.0 but sporting a unique, kid-friendly interface, Oregon Scientific's MEEP! tablet puts safety first. Parents can specify what their kids can and cannot access on the Wi-Fi-enabled slate, and controls are based in the cloud, not on the 7-inch MEEP! itself. We're especially jazzed about the fun accessories the company offers to go along with the tablet; including a fold-out keyboard and a console for playing games on the slate.

ThinkGeek iCade 8-Bitty

ThinkGeek follows up its retro-style iCade iPad game controller with a portable version, the iCade 8-Bitty. This pint-sized controller offers the same functionality as its older brother, and it doesn't sacrifice any of the retro-cool design with its downsizing.

Barbie Photo Fashion

What's better than Computer Engineer Barbie? A Barbie with a built-in camera and display, of course! Mattel's latest doll, the Barbie Photo Fashion, lets you snap images and customize them with a variety of frames and effects.

Mattel Apptivity Hot Wheels

iPad appcessories are all the rage this year, as Mattel demonstrates with its new Apptivity line, including popular titles such as Hot Wheels. This $19.99 set lets children play racing games on the tablet using real toy cars. Many other versions of the Apptivity concept, such as Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, are on the way as well.


WowWee's AppGear line of appcessories is also running with the toy-plus-mobile-device trend. Titles such as Foam Fighters use physical toys (in this case, mini model airplanes) and a mobile app for Android or iOS to let users shoot bad guys, protect their ships, and more.

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