Toy Fair 2013: Day 2 Wrap-Up

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Wake up your inner child. It's time to see the latest finds from Toy Fair 2013.  Yesterday's romp in toy-topia uncovered plenty of play sets that introduce young children to robotic design and concepts. Today we toyed with a plastic rifle that turns phones into a futuristic rifle and a Bluetooth-enabled gaming pad that lets four friends play casual games on a smartphone without passing the device around.  This list of hot toys isn't Christmas morning, but to the young-at-heart, it's the next best thing.

Tek Recon

Tek Recon by Tech 4 Kids is turning the entire world into a video game. At its core, the Tek Recon is a powerful and fun action blaster gun, shooting soft rubber rings up to 80 feet. But the Tek Recon also incorporates a feature-filled smartphone app, capable of supporting massive multiplayer games with gameplay mimicking the popular video game Halo.

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If you’re looking for a toy whose power is truly the sum of its parts, you may find yourself face to face with Cubelets by Modular Robotics. Each cubelet has a unique function, such as lights, wheels, or a battery, which are nonfunctional alone but can join together to create powerful projects in seconds. There’s even an Android app that lets you control and program your Cubelet creation on the fly.

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Verzis Gamepad

Identity Games is helping keep tech social with Verzis, a multiplayer controller for Bluetooth-enabled iOS and Android devices. Four users can gather around a table and join together in a digital game, resting the device right in the center instead of needing to pass it from person to person.

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LittleBits breaks down the complexity of building with circuitry components, creating pint-sized modules that snap together with magnets. Users can breath life into anything, using littleBits to create a simple machine that turns on a light to a more-complex pet cat that lights up, rings a bell and wags its tail.

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Tiggly allows kids to explore the world of shapes by melding the digital world with physical components. Aimed at toddlers, Tiggly brings modern digital life into the classic children’s game of matching shape block with their corresponding slots. There is a drawing app, a safari app and a matching game that helps kids develop motor skills and encourages critical thinking.

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