Toy Fair 2013: Day 1 Wrap-Up

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Toy Fair 2013 is in full swing, and we've been trekking through the show floor in search of the coolest, most innovative and most advanced tech toys soon to be hitting shelves. Many products this year incorporate fun ways for kids to get into robotics, and kid-friendly tablets continue to be a major trend. Check out our top four stories of the day, and make sure to click the story links for hands-on video.

Romo by Romotive

Romo by Romotive helps bring your iPhone or iPod Touch to life, complete with a quirky personality and various interactive capabilities. Download the free app and plug your device into the Romo base station and you’ll have a new robot friend who is ready to play and learn. We got a chance to try the Romo robot at the 2013 Toy Fair and had a blast with this little robot that was full of personality.

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Furby Party Rockers

The Furby family is growing even larger. Hasbro has unveiled Furby Party Rockers at the International Toy Fair 2013, a smaller Furby companion. Unlike the full-sized Furby, which grows and learns through interaction, each Party Rocker comes with its own unique personality which is ready to interact with both kids and other Furby toys.

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LEGO Mindstorms EV3

LEGO is bringing robotic toys to a new level with the new Mindstorms EV3, a robot building kit that is designed to appeal to both the beginning tooler and the advanced hacker. The new Mindstorms EV3 won’t be available until the second half of 2013, but we were able to check out some of the supported out-of-the-box designs at the 2013 International Toy Fair.

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Sakar International Android Tablets for Kids

Android tablets for kids are getting a new face and personality, thanks to Sakar International. The company showed off three new Android tablets at the 2013 International Toy Fair, aimed at helping child development and joining the One Laptop Per Child initiative. Each tablet is 7 inches, like the Amazon Kindle Fire or the Google Nexus 7, and is specially designed for kids.

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  • Randall Says:

    I thought the original lego mindstorms was amazing. This new one is better. The designs they showed are great. I can only imagine what people will come up with the new motors and sensors. I like the ability to program the brick directly but I think programming it via a computer is the way to go. The ability to control it using mobile devices is a nice addition as mobile devices are all the rage at the moment. At $375, this thing is expensive, but it brings out the geek in me. Dear Santa: I want.

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