Top 8 New Fitness Gadgets for 2013

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This year, your gadgets want to run, jump and work out right along side you. But they're not just along for the ride; they're here to give you useful data that can help you achieve your goals faster. These are the best gadgets to give you a little digital helping hand with your physical activities, whether you're spending the day on the slopes, sitting down to eat or just going about your day. These devices will track, measure, record, report and even give you a little shake when it's time to slow down.

Fitbit Flex

Fitbit is no longer just for cliping on a belt or bag. With the Fitbit Flex, users can now wear this popular activity tracker on the wrist, and it has just as many features as ever. Users can track steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, hours slept, the amount of active time and the quality of sleep. The new Flex also has a silent vibration alarm, perfect for that gentle nudge awake in the morning.

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BodyMedia CORE 2

BodyMedia's CORE 2 doesn't have just one, but four different sensors to provide the most comprehensive report about your body, minute by minute. Not only does this armband capture 5,000 data points per minute, but also it's interchangable with numerous different straps and bands for a totally customizable look. Whether you're hitting the gym or heading to a dinner party, CORE 2 will gather the data you need to track your healthy habits.

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Si14 WearIT

WearIT by Si14 brings an entire Android interface to your wirst, complete with the ANT plus protocol for connecting to health monitoring devices. Just link a compatible heart rate monitor or glucose meter and, paired with the GPS and pedometer, the WearIT is the ultimate health and fitness monitor.

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Mio Alpha

Heart monitoring usually requires chest straps or obtrusive equipment, but with the Mio Alpha, heart health monitoring is now available at the flick of the wrist. Perfect for targeting your ideal heart rate while running or working out, the Mio Alpha will help you stay in the zone without adding extra bulk.

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iRiver On Headset

If you like listening to music when you work out, why not get a pair of headphones that give you even more back in return? TheOn headset, by iRiver, connects to both Android and iOS devices, reporting back pulse rate, distance traveled, speed and maximal oxygen consumption. There are zero cords to worry about; the On connects to both Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth, so you'll be able to go about your workout restriction-free.

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GeoPalz iBitz

Fitness is now fun for the whole family with the new iBitz by GeoPalz. Kids can toss on a colorful pedometer then trade in their steps for prizes, such as game time or access to their favorite applications. Parents can use the adult version of the app to view the activity levels of each family member and well as give kids an encouraging nudge.



An important part of a healthy lifestyle is healthy eating habits. The HAPIfork can help you monitor and change the way you eat by giving you an alert if you're eating too fast. HAPIfork also measures the length of your meal, the time of day you start your meal and the number of forkfuls per meal. If you're looking for a tool to help with portion control, HAPIfork is the ultimate gadget.

APEX HD  Ski Goggles

Skiers no longer need to buy and mount extra hardware just to record their exploits on the slopes. The Apex HD goggles have a full HD camera built into the bridge to catch all the action. Better still, the camera can be controlled via Wi-Fi using an Android or iOS app, which not only lets you stop and start recording, but gives the user a live view of what the camera is recording.

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