Top 10 Stories from Apple's iPad Mini Event

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We expected the iPad mini from today's Apple event in San Jose, California, but what we got was so much more. Like a variety show, the 13-inch Macbook Pro with Retina Display was one entertaining act. This notebook crams twice the resolution of your HDTV into a 3.6-pound design. Apple also unveiled a new Mac Mini and a huge redesign of the iMac with an amazingly thin edge and breakthrough Fusion drive. But oh no, it did not end there -- after only 6 months since the third-gen iPad launched, Apple revealed an updated version of the 9.7-inch iPad with a faster A6X chip.

Get caught up with all the new Apple goodies right here.

Apple iPad mini Takes on Nexus 7

The new iPad mini features a 7.9-inch display with a 1024 x 768-pixel resolution, which is the same resolution as the original iPad. Apple poked fun of the Nexus 7 by making several comparisons.

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13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display Unveiled

The 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display is official, giving notebook shoppers a more affordable option than the 15-inch Retina model. Of course, $1,699 isn’t cheap, but you get a class-leading Retina display and a design that’s 20 percent thinner than the regular MacBook (.75 inches) and weighs only 3.6 pounds. Get all the details below.

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Apple Fourth-Generation iPad

The world expected Apple to announce a 7-inch version of its signature tablet today, and it delivered on that claim, but the company also surprised consumers with a refresh of the iPad that promises double the performance and much faster Wi-Fi speed.

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Apple's Super-Thin New iMac

During its big “Little” event today, Apple announced the latest version of its iMac, and the thinnest iMac the company has ever made. The iMac’s edge is a mere 5mm thin; that’s 80 percent thinner than the previous version. Apple’s Phil Schiller said the company managed to pull this off through a process known as friction stir welding. We got all the details.

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Apple Mac Mini Refresh

Apple has refreshed the Mac Mini, the tiny mini-computer that’s roughly the size of a cigar box. This full-featured machine doesn’t include a monitor, keyboard or mouse, and instead connects to external peripherals.

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13-inch MacBook Pro Retina Display Hands-on

While other notebook-makers are busy churning out Windows 8 hybrids with touch screens, Apple is bringing its jaw-dropping Retina display to a laptop you can take anywhere. The 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display ($1,699) feels like the ultimate Ultrabook in person, thanks to its 2560 x 1600-pixel screen. We went hands-on with this machine.

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iPad mini First Impressions

We were among the first to get our hands on the new iPad mini. We expected a Google Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD competitor, but after spending a few minutes with this device, this slate feels like it's in a class by itself.

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To Retina or Not To Retina: The 13-inch MacBook Pro Dilema

See how the new 13-inch Retina Macbook Pro measures up to non-Retina Macbook Pros. Should you upgrade?

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iPad mini vs. the Competition

After months of speculation, Apple finally released the much-anticipated iPad mini. See how it measures up to the competition.

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200 Million Devices Running iOS 6 (Sorry, Google)

As Google and its partners struggle to update Android phones to Jelly Bean (or even Ice Cream Sandwich), Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that 200 million devices are now running iOS 6.

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