Top 10 Fake Celebrity Twitter Accounts

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Fake celebrity accounts are all the rage, filling Twitter with what have proved to be far more interesting than the real people themselves. We compiled a list of our current favorites. Tell us who you think we should have included in the comments below.

God (@TheTweetOfGod)
Back in the dark ages, you had to read the Holy Book to find God's message. Now all you have to do is read his tweets, along with the other 27,412 followers. Two of our recent favorites tweets:

"Just returned from a tour of the oceans. That old saying, 'There's too many fish in the sea?' No longer a problem."

"It was Me. I let the dogs out. Now stop asking."

DRUNK HULK (@drunkhulk)
Don't get Hulk drunk.You might like him better when he's drunk. Two of our recent favorite tweets:



Chuck Norris (@fakechucknorris)
Chuck Norris uses twitter to share his emotions about his awesomeness with his 16,405 followers. Two of our recent fav tweets:

"I only have one hand. The upper hand."

"In a fight between Batman and Darth Vader, I would win."

Oprah Winfrey (@oprahwinfry)
While you could follow the verified real @Oprah like 6 million other fans, the fake @oprahwinfry (with 27,183 followers) offers much more rye insight into the media icon's eating and sleeping habits. Two of our recent fav tweets:

"Cleaning out Oprah set. I think I forgot to tell the audience to 'look under your seat' a few times b/c we found a LOT of crap under there."

"Wondering who got McDonald's to bring back the McRib? Let's just say: you're welcome. #ThePowerOfOprah"

Darth Vader (@darthvader)
Spreading his evil thoughts throughout the empire via his 344,425 followers, the fake Anakin Skywalker's personal motto is to "Be evil" and his tweets never fail to entertain. A couple of our recent favs:

"If you think Carmageddon was bad, you should have seen Alderaangeddon."

"It's all fun and games until someone loses his hands, both legs, all his hair & is horribly burnt by molten lava."

Prince William (@William_HRH)
Will makes time to tweet his 44,763 subjects/Twitter followers in between trying on crowns and having afternoon tea with Granny. Here's whats recently been on the Prince's mind:

"Why do women feel compelled to 'flash' one whilst I peacefully ride the Royal Harley?"

"Dear USA, yes we do have a 'monopoly' on the English language. Yours, Future King of ENGLAND."

Fake Anderson Cooper (@AC180)
AC180 demonstrates his serious brand of journalism and offers a unique perspective on politics and his body through his 2,279 followers on Twitter. A few of our recent favorite tweets:

"Wanted: Exceedingly attractive interns to work on a new and exciting daytime talk show. Must have own hot pants."

"Looking forward to a quiet weekend sitting around at home, rubbing baby oil into my biceps."

Walt Whitman (@TheWaltWhitman)
The infamous poet has risen from the grave to bring his wit and wisdom to his 1,516 followers on the social network. A few recent gems include:

"Never invite me to a poetry slam with no time limit."

"A crazed bacon peddler attempted to assassinate me in 1874. He soon discovered that my sideburns are bulletproof."

False Steve Jobs (@falseSteveJobs)
Constantly encouraging his 459,932 followers to buy and use Apple products, False Steve Jobs' twitter feed truly is "more than meets the i." Two of our favorite tweets:

"Want to know where your husband was on his business trip? There's an app for that."

"Current iPad customers may notice a significant battery life decrease next week. This is in no way related to the release of the new iPad 2."

Edgar Allan Poe (@Edgar_Allan_Poe)
Who says you need to be alive to tweet? Certainly not Edgar Allan Poe or his 22,945 followers. While his tweets tend toward the dark and moody end of the spectrum, what more would you expect from a dead writer?

"People die even on sunny days."

"Perhaps God should spend more time assisting the poor & less time intervening in sporting events."

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  • Jason Says:

    (Amar Kanwal, August 9, 1995) is a fake online celebrity. His current twitter account is @amaroffical. He's pretending to be an actor, model, music artist. He uses fake accounts to try and promote his fake profile.

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