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The best thing about social networks is that they put people from all across the world, from all walks of life directly at your fingertips, from heads of state to the Nobel Prize winners. But who cares about them when you can see what your favorite celebrity has for breakfast? So without further ado, we bring you the top 10 Google+ celebrities.

1. Britney Spears

She's attacked a car with an umbrella, married a backup dancer and walked barefoot across the urine-soaked floor of a gas station bathroom, but somehow, against all odds, Britney Spears has managed to garner the largest following of any user on Google Plus.

From the looks of it, her account is curated by a third-party, which means you won't get any really personal updates from the "Toxic" singer, but that's probably for the best.

Followers: 2.80 million

2.Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is known for his prolific social media presence. So it should come as no surprise that this true O.G. has the second largest following on Google Plus. And unlike Britney, it's pretty clear that Snoop manages his own account. The smoke screen clouding the page was a dead giveaway.

Snoop posts to his account at least once a day with items ranging from songs and videos to calls for new artists interested in joining his label and frequent references to his favorite pastime ... football.

Followers: 2.45 million

3. Ashley Tisdale

If Ashley Tisdale's name doesn't ring a bell, then congratulations, you're not a 15 year-old girl. Tisdale, a former Disney star turned musician (isn't that always the case?), is one of the more active celebrities at the top of the Google Plus food chain, posting an average two times a day.

Unlike Britney, Tisdale's profile seems to be self-curated, which is good to see. But, if you're not interested in the comings and goings of a former "High School Musical" star, you may want to pass on the Ms. Tisdale.

Followers: 2.18 million

4. Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman has done everything from staring in Broadway shows to stabbing a man in the face with adamantium claws as arguably the baddest superhero ever, Wolverine. And while his Broadway and action movie fans may not overlap too often, Jackman does his best to please all by posting updates about upcoming X-Men titles and the next time he'll be on stage.

It's pretty clear that Jackman's page is curated by a handler as most of the posts are written within quotation marks, but for a chance to follow Wolverine, we'll deal with it.

Followers: 2.06 million

5. Tyra Banks

The former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and host of America's Next Top Model is better known these days for her volatile persona and butchering of the English language (smizes anyone?). But this Harvard Business School graduate also posts a great deal of inspirational quotes and sayings on her wall. So if you're an aspiring model or CEO -- and who reading this isn't -- then check out Tyra.

Followers: 2.01 million

6.Felicia Day

Of all of the celebrities on this list, Felicia Day is hands down the most active on Google Plus. An actress, writer, producer and all around tech-head, Day takes full advantage of Google Plus's services, from hosting hangouts to sharing anything she stumbles across while surfing the web. If following a celebrity that shares their thoughts on the latest tech trends and video games sounds like your kind of thing, Day is certainly the right person to turn to.

Followers: 2.03 million

7. Usher

Usher, like Britney Spears and Hugh Jackman, uses his Google Plus page as more of a collection of quotes, music videos and, of course, gratuitous shots of his famous six-pack. The crooner's account does, however, provide plenty of behind the scenes photos of the music making process, including the all-important Connect Four session.

Unfortunately, Usher isn't all that active on Google , unless, it seems, when he has an album coming out. But if you want to hear the sweet sounds of A-town's R&B icon, swing by Usher's page.

Followers: 2.04 million

8. Tom Anderson

He was your first friend on your first social network. Tom Andrerson, the founder of MySpace and every users' default friend, is spending his early retirement traveling the world and making the rest of us friends jealous by posting a continuous stream of photo updates on his Google Plus page.

It's almost as if Anderson takes joy in subtly trolling his friends with his fabulous life. Either that, or we're just envious of the fact that at the ripe old age of 41, he's a retired multimillionaire. We've got to hand it to Anderson, though. He's a damn good photographer.

Followers: 1.97 million

9. Richard Branson

Richard Branson has accomplished more in his life than most people could ever dream of. From launching a record label and telecom to starting an airline and space tourism company, there's not much Branson hasn't done. So it comes as no surprise that Branson is one of the biggest celebrities on Google Plus.

But what kind of content can you expect to see from a man who has an ongoing war going with Stephen Colbert? Basically everything. Branson openly writes about his travels, links to items on his personal blog and posts photos of the various places he's been.

Followers: 1.94 million

10. Dane Cook

Dane Cook was a cultural phenomenon for a hot minute toward the end of last decade, but after a string of poor showings in not-so major motion pictures and accusations of joke stealing, his star hasn't been shining too brightly. But despite his troubles, Cook still has a sizable fan base of people who can't get enough of his brand of "screaming makes things funnier" comedy, making him the comedian with the largest number of fans on Google Plus.

Followers: 1.85 million

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