Top 10 Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S III

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One of the best things about the Samsung Galaxy S III is that it sports the same design across all the major carriers. So whether you pick one up for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon, all of the available cases out there should fit perfectly. But which one do you get? From funky and straight-laced to patriotic and rugged, our personalities and needs differ wildly, as does our sense of style. As such, you need choices when it comes to dressing up your S III, and case makers are prepared to help. Here are our favorites.

Ballistic Shell Gel Maxx Series ($49.99)

Layers of rubber, polycarbonate and TPU keep your Samsung Galaxy S III protected inside the Ballistic Shell Gel Maxx case. The outermost layer is made of soft rubber for shock absorption, followed by a layer crafted with impact resistant polycarbonate. A third layer features a soft outer TPU. Plus, this case comes with the first-ever molded screen protector, as opposed to the film-like protectors found elsewhere. Choose from Black/Black, Black/White, Charcoal/White, Cobalt or White/Pink.

Belkin Pocket Case ($24.99)

A stylish wallet and smartphone case in one, the Belkin Pocket Case features high-quality stitched material with a fine pebble grain texture. The little tab at the back functions as a lever to pop your Samsung Galaxy S III out of his pocket in a flash while a separate slot holds a credit card or bus pass. And the soft microfiber inner lining protects your Android phone from scratches. Available in Black, Brown, Paparazzi Pink, Red and White.

Case-Mate Pop Case with Stand ($35)

Combining lightweight plastic and soft rubber, the Case-Mate Pop Case with Stand feels good in your hand. The built-in stand flips out to prop up your Samsung Galaxy S III for video calls or media watching. And the lip of the front protects your Android smartphone for scratches when laid flat.

Cruzerlite Persona Case ($15)

Show your patriotism with the Cruzerlite Persona Case. The stars and stripes meet Andy on this shock absorbent back panel for your Samsung Galaxy S III. Made from TPU plastic, this inexpensive case is sleek and lightweight without adding bulk to your device. It easily snaps on and off and maintains full access to all your ports and controls.

Gear4 Angry Birds Red ($29)

You just can't get enough of those fuming fowl, can you? Proclaim your love for Angry Birds loud and proud with this Gear4 case for the Samsung Galaxy S III. It's made from strong plastic that covers the back and sides of your Android smartphone from accidental bumps and scratches. Plus, you'll still have access to all the ports and controls.

iLuv Snoopy Character Series Hardshell ($34.99)

If old-school animation is your thing, iLuv has you covered with the Snoopy Character Series Hardshell case for the Galaxy S III. Of course, this plastic shell maintains access to all your ports and controls while also showing your true-blue Snoopy side. Because it snaps on and off, you can easily swap this accessory for other members of the gang, including Lucy, Woodstock and Schroeder.

Incipio Feather ($24.99)

Incipio's feather offers elegant, understated and ultralight protection for your Samsung Galaxy S III. This polycarbonate frame weighs a mere 0.5 ounces to prevent scratches and bumps. Available in black, blue, grey, pink and red, the slim case maintains access to all your ports and controls.

Otterbox Defender Series ($49.95)

Whether you work outdoors or you're just a klutz, you'll need extra protection. And that's where the Otterbox Defender Series comes in, which protects the Samsung Galaxy S III in three ways. The two-piece polycarbonate inner layer surrounds your phone and sports a built-in screen protector that prevents scratches. Second, memory foam padded interior provides added shock absorption. Finally, the outer layer is made up of rugged silicone, which absorbs impact. The Defender Series also comes with a belt holster that doubles as a viewing stand.

Samsung Flip Cover ($39)

Samsung has taken a page out of Apple's book by offering its own cover for the Galaxy S III. The slick-looking Flip Cover matches the phone perfectly and replaces your Android smartphone's battery cover to provide additional protection for your screen against smudges, scratches and dirt. The Flip Cover wraps the exterior and the soft plastic felt adds an extra layer of protection over your screen when in place. Available in Pebble Blue and White.

Speck FabShell ($34.99)

Protective and stylish, the Speck FabShell is made from one-piece of fabric with rubber sides that covers a hard plastic shell. A protective raised bezel prevents screen scratches when it's laid flat, while rubberized button covers keep dirt and dust out.

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