Top 10 Angry Birds Alternatives

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Now that you've spent a bazillion hours flinging birds at pigs, it's time to find some new ways to kill time on your smartphone. Here are 10 other casual games that are fun to play and easy to learn, from hunting pink bunnies to doing nitrous-boosted back flips in a car. Get these free apps and give those puff-balls a real reason to be angry.

Bunny Shooter (Android and iOS)
Yes, that’s a pink bunny. Yes, that’s a bow and arrow. And, yes, it’s pointed directly at a thin string holding an anvil directly over the bunny’s head. That’s what you do in this game, which shamelessly borrows gameplay elements from Angry Brids. We're not complaining.
Extreme Road Trip (iOS)
Your pedal is stuck to the metal, and you're quickly running out of gas. The obvious solution here is to fling your car over hills, break out wheelies, and do back-flips in the air to get nitro boosts. Just make sure to land flat, or you’ll explode.
Crush the Castle (Android and iOS)
The name says it all here. Why fling multicolored birds at pigs if you could trebuchet rocks at royalty? This game is like chess behind the scenes, as you invade the lands and spill the blood of kings, queens and the poorly constructed castles they live in. Unlike chess, expect little mental stimulation but complete boredom relief. It's free for iOS but 99 cents on Android.
Stunt Bird (Android)
Take control of this cute little blue adrenaline junkie and guide him through hoops at high elevation for as long as your reaction speed can keep up. It’s like Crank, but where Jason Statham is a blue jay and the camera isn’t on crack.
Drunk Man (Android and iOS)
The developers are very specific about Drunk Man's plot: “David is a heavy drunk. On his wife's birthday, he got drunk again. His wife got mad at him! She told him to buy a very nice gift for her or sleep outside of the house!” A little too much information there, but this game is surprisingly difficult and very rewarding. It's free on Android but 99 cents on iOS.
Racing / Flying Penguin (Android, iOS)
Whether he’s racing or flying is unclear – there are varying schools of thought – what’s important here is that if this penguin doesn’t move his furry little tuxedo tail, he’s going to get eaten by a very persistent polar bear. Tap the screen to tell the penguin when to dive and how far to fly. But whatever you do, don’t march, because that polar bear can move.
Float Free (Android, iOS)
Tap balloons to keep them afloat in this game. It all seems pretty simple, but wait! There’s a spike pit at the bottom, and the closer you get to it, the more points you’re rewarded. How devilishly tempting! Plus, now you can toss balloons around without being the most obnoxious person in the room.
Ninjump (Android, iOS)
Guide the world’s tiniest ninja as he sprints up vertical walls, avoiding small birds and weasels that inexplicably pose a life-threatening danger. This is a quick thinking reaction-test game that'll keep you on your toes.
Early Bird (Android, iOS)
The early bird gets the worm – if he has delicate touchscreen skills. Fling this little fella through bugs in the air at just the right angle and he’ll land on a worm. The worm kind of steals the show with those whacky animations, but with multiple in-air swipe ability, guiding this dude to his breakfast is pretty fun. Free on iOS, 99 cents on Android.
Unblock Me (Android, iOS)
Taking the cake as the most intellectually stimulating game on this list (similar to having the best manners at a hot dog eating contest), this game will certainly keep your attention until you give up. And you will, eventually. Rearrange the blocks to get the red one out, but be careful, the developers do not reimburse for thrown phones.

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