The Android Booth at Mobile World Congress: Google's Green Wonderland

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The Coolest (and Most Crowded) Booth Around
This week, Google's Android area has, as always, been one of the busiest destinations at Mobile World Congress. With app demos, free treats and green robots galore, it's certainly a nice change of pace from plain-white booth after plain-white booth in the Barcelona Fira Montjuic's eight halls.
Android Devices on Display
A conveyor belt showing off Android tablets and smartphones, including the Acer Iconia Tab A100 and the LG Optimus 3D.
Android Crane Game
This arcade-style crane game drew a long line of MWC visitors hoping to win an Android plushie or a vinyl toy. Our very own Daniel Howley tried his hand and ended up walking away with a pretty awesome consolation prize: an Android-as-movie-director pin.
An Android Slide
Google even had a giant Android slide on hand, complete with a Disneyland-style snapshot of the ride down for visitors to take home.
Android the Case-maker
This Android is a real working robot, making customized bedazzled cases for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone around the clock.
Galaxy Nexus Android Cases
Visitors lucky enough to score a spot on the long waiting list can choose from one of these six blinged-up designs.
Google's Wall of Android Design
We never quite figured out the significance of these various textured panels, but they definitely attracted plenty of curious hands. The furry material that's second from the top was a little disconcerting; it felt like a massage chair covered in cat fur. Interesting, nonetheless...
Android Smoothie Booth
Fruit smoothies--in three different flavors--are a welcome treat, especially because the throngs of visitors make the Android stand feel a bit like a sauna.
Android's (Edible) Ice Cream Sandwich
In honor of its current mobile OS, Google also served Droid-shaped ice cream sandwiches.

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