Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumor Roundup: 7 Things You Need to Know

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The Galaxy S4 is coming, the follow-up to one of the best-selling smartphones of all time. Last time around, Samsung shook things up with a bevy of innovative sharing features (and a marketing campaign that tore down iPhone lovers). On March 14th, the world will meet the S III's successor. But what kind of specs will it have? What will be the new breakthrough features? Will the screen be much bigger? The rumor mill has been churning over time and we've gathered all the most credible speculation in one place.

Processor: Octa-Core

Dual-core processors are so yesterday and quad-cores are starting to look a little long in the tooth. So how will the Galaxy S4 stay ahead of the mobile processor arms race? By sticking an octa-core processor in it, that's how. According to an AnTuTu benchmark posted on Twitter by Android ROM developer Faryaab Sheikh and GSMArena, the S4 will come sporting Samsung's 1.5-GHz Exynos 5410 processor. That's way more firepower than the quad-core Exynos the S IV was previously expected to come with. With that kind of power, the S4 will easily be able to tackle your most demanding processes.

Source:@Faryaab, GSM Arena

Display: 1080p

The Galaxy S III's 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display was a mixed bag. Its viewing angles were stellar and its 1280 x 720-pixel resolution meant that you could see more of every Web page you visited, but its brightness rating was on the low end of the spectrum. But for the S4, Samsung may be bringing out the big guns. According to GSM Arena, which cites the aforementioned AnTuTu benchmark screens, the S4 should come packing a 4.9-inch, 1920 x 1080p display with a pixel density of 441 pixels per inch.

Previous rumors had the S IV coming with an unbreakable flexible AMOLED display, however, according to The Verge, those seem to have been debunked rather quickly.

Sources: GSMArena, The Verge

Design: Bigger

From the Galaxy S through the Galaxy S III, each of Samsung's new phones has been larger than its predecessor. And according to TechnoBuffaloand @evleaks, the Galaxy S4 will continue that trend. But the S4 won't just be larger than the S III, it will also sport a more rectangular design that hues closely to the Galaxy Note II's current styling. Sammy Hub caught wind of some alleged photos of the S4 showing a handset with a thinner bezel than the S III and textured front and back panels. Better still, it looks like the back panel on the alleged S4 is removable, so you'll be able to replace the phone's battery, something you can't do with the iPhone 5 or HTC One.

Sources: TechnoBuffalo, @evleaks, Sammy Hub

Camera: 13-MP

Smartphone cameras are improving rapidly, and for its top-of-the-line phone, Samsung is reportedly going all out. According to SlashGear, the Galaxy S IV will launch with a powerful 13-megapixel shooter. InformationWeek is also projecting the superphone will include the same high-quality shooter. A camera of that magnitude isn't unheard of, especially when you consider the fact that LG's Optimus G Pro packs a 13-MP rear-facing camera of its own.

Source:SlashGear, InformationWeek

OS: Android 4.2

Google tends to launch the latest versions of its Android OS alongside Galaxy branded devices, which means the Galaxy S4 will likely not come with the next generation of Android, which will presumably be called Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. According to GottaBeMobile, the device will instead hit the market with the current version of the OS, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Benchmarks posted by GSMArena also indicate that the S IV will include Jelly Bean.

Source: GottaBeMobile, GSMArena

Features: Samsung Eye Scroll
When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S III last year, one of the smartphone's killer features was its Smart Stay eye tracking function. When active, Smart Stay could determine if you were reading onscreen text and keep the display from entering sleep mode. With the S4, however, Samsung may just trump that feature. According to, the Galaxy S4 will come with a new Samsung Eye Scroll mode, which will track your eye movement and, when your eyes reach the bottom of the screen, automatically scroll down to reveal more readable text.


Release Date: May

The one thing we know for certain about the Galaxy S4 is that Samsung will unveil it during an event on March 14 at New York's Radio City Music Hall. That knowledge comes as a result of invitations sent out by Samsung last week. When exactly the smartphone will hit the market is still up in the air, but SamMobile believes the S4 should be available for purchase in the U.S. in either May or June.

Source: SamMobile

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