Rumored BlackBerry 10 R-Series Images Leak Showing QWERTY Keyboard

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BlackBerry’s QWERTY Q10 handset hasn’t even gone on sale yet, but there may be another full-keyboard BB10 phone in the making. An allegedly leaked image that popped up on Friday showcases what could be a successor to the Curve series. The photo originated on the BlackBerry OS forums and is believed to be an R-Series device.

“Well, we have seen the L-Series (Z10), N-Series (Q10), and now we get a better look at the upcoming R-Series smartphone, or otherwise known as the BB110 Curve,” Jo Jerde of BlackBerryOS writes. The image clearly shows the handset’s QWERTY keyboard and screen, and alludes that this unannounced R- Series phone could come in white.

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Jerde didn’t specify where the image came from, but did say that the R-series devices are expected to land on the lower-end of the spectrum, unlike the flagship Z10. The alleged Curve successor is said to come with a more “streamlined set of features,” less RAM, and a more affordable price tag than its BlackBerry 10 cousin.

BlackBerry Empire also reports that the purported BlackBerry 10 Curve handset would come with an 1800 mAh battery and external SD and micro SIM card slots, but doesn’t cite its sources.  The website reportedly obtained a sketch depicting the back of the device, which shows the placement of its external micro SIM card and SD card slots.

According to BlackBerry Empire, the R- Series device could launch between Q3 and Q4 2013, which conflicts with another rumor from earlier this week. A reportedly leaked BlackBerry 10 product roadmap shows a QWERTY R-Series smartphone slated for a Q2 2014 release.

This isn’t the only unreleased BlackBerry 10 smartphone to leak online this week. Just a few days ago rapper and BlackBerry enthusiast Lil’ E posted a photo of a blue version of the BlackBerry Z10 to his Twitter page.

via BlackBerryOS, BlackBerry Empire

Image Credit: BlackBerry OS (Main), BlackBerry Empire (Bottom)

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