QuickIO Starts Streaming Your PC's Music and Movies to the iPhone

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The Retina displays found in Apple’s iDevices just beg to be used for HD video, but the itty-bitty hard drives in the iPhone and iPad fill rapidly under the weight of 720p and 1080p videos. Sick of stuffing your storage with music and movies? You might want to check out QuickIO, a media-streaming application that lets iOS owners instantly access the pictures, documents, videos and audio files stored on their home PCs – even when you’re far away from home.

Like Air Video, QuickIO transcodes your PC’s videos to an iOS-friendly format on the fly, so you won’t have to wait around while your movies convert to a compatible stream. Going off the grid? The app also lets you download the videos directly to your iPad. You can even send links to your pals so that they can stream your videos and pictures to their iPads.

Unlike Air Video, however, QuickIO supports far more than video files, and setup doesn’t require fiddling around with the port-forwarding settings on your home router.

QuickIO was previously available only for the iPad, but today, Transcast Media launched an accompanying app for the iPhone, iPod and iPod touch. If you’re interested, you might want to move fast; the app normally costs $2.99, but the company is giving it away for free for a limited time.

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  • Levarep Says:

    I use streaming even without conversion.
    I have WMP as DLNA server on my PC and I use ArkMC as player on my iPad. ArkMC support a lot of files forma, so I don't need to transcode anything.

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