7 Apps iOS 7 Makes Obsolete

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In addition to its flatter interface and myriad other features, iOS 7 has a number of apps that perform the same tasks as other apps in the App Store. No doubt infuriating to third-party developers, here’s several apps you no longer need taking up space on your iPhone or iPad, thanks to Apple.


Pandora, Slacker and Spotify better watch out. iTunes Radio lets you stream music just like those established players, but it also lets you purchase music and import it straight into your library. Apart from the 300 curated stations, you can create your own, and further refine them based on artist or song.

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Apple’s new Photos app, which groups images by date, location and event, makes it a lot easier to find shots taken with your iPhone or iPad, and obviates the need for photo-organization apps such as Flayvr. With the possible exception of apps that can tag faces, Photos makes organizing and sharing pictures a snap.

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iHandy Level

Swipe to the right in Apple’s Compass app, and you get one of iOS 7’s hidden features: a helpful level that you can use to make sure pictures, mirrors, shelves, and tables are all straight. The black and white interface is also wonderfully minimalist. Unfortunately, this means that the dozens of leveling apps already in the App Store are now all out of whack.

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Flashlight Apps

It may not have all the sirens and strobes of the 1,200 or so similar apps in the App Store, but iOS 7’s Flashlight feature holds one key advantage: It’s built right into the Control Center, so you can get at this tool and light your way with the simple flick of your thumb.

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Adobe Photoshop Express

While iPhoto didn’t get top marks when we reviewed it earlier this year, that was when it cost $4.99. Now that iPhoto is free, though, this app is a lot more compelling, and will cause many iOS users to skip past all the other $5 apps, such as Photoshop.

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Lookout Mobile Security

When the New York City Police Department urges you to upgrade to iOS 7, you know it thinks highly of the security features in Apple’s new operating system. Find My iPhone not only helps you track down your missing device, but also lets you remotely wipe it, lock it, and have it play a sound. That’s pretty much what the other apps do, so why bother installing them?

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Google Chrome

The new Safari sports a unified search/URL bar, bookmark syncing across iOS and OS X devices, Private mode, offline browsing, a better Tab view, Shared links--we could go on. Overall, Apple’s enhancements put Safari on a par, if not above, all other mobile browsers such as Google Chrome.

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