Nokia Reportedly Planning a Galaxy Note Rival

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Watch out Samsung — Nokia may be drooling over your phablet market share. New reports indicate that the Finnish gadget maker is working on a smartphone similar in size to Samsung’s line of Galaxy Note smartphones.

The purported device would be part of Nokia’s family of Lumia devices, The Financial Times reports. In addition to the smartphone-tablet hybrid, Nokia is also expected to release a new flagship Lumia handset with a 41-megapixel camera.  The report says that this device could launch in July, but no time frame for the Galaxy Note-like phablet has been specified.

 Nokia is allegedly tweaking its current flagship smartphone as well. A lighter, more advanced version of the existing Windows Phone 8 handset and a less expensive variant of the device are both reportedly in the works.

No further details were specified, but Microsoft coincidentally revealed that its mobile operating system will support 1080p resolution by the end of 2013.  This suggests that Windows Phone 8 could be landing on devices with larger displays — marking an upgrade from the WGVA, WXGA and 720p resolutions currently found on existing devices.

Samsung’s line of Galaxy Note devices are at the forefront of the phablet genre, although competitors such as LG and Huawei have released their own large-screened rivals. Samsung sold 5 million units of its Galaxy Note 2 just two months after its release last fall, selling roughly three times as fast as its predecessor.

via The Financial Times


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