MWC 2014 Highlights Day 2: Top 9 Stories

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Sure Samsung drew back the veil on the Galaxy S5 smartphone and a new trio of smart watches, but the day did not belong exclusively to the Taiwanese manufacturer. HP joined in on the action with a wallet-friendly laptop-hybrid. Sony revealed several new water-tight tablets and smartphones. And Nokia made waves by embracing Android. Catch everything you missed from MWC 2014 Day 2.

The New Galaxy S5: Samsung Makes a Smarter Smartphone

The Galaxy S5 focuses less on gimmicks like scrolling with your eyes and more on practical innovations, say, oh,  a bigger 2,580 mAh battery. Samsung's new flagship jumps from 5 to 5.2 inches, but the weight gain is worth it for the bevy of new and useful features. There's a high-speed camera that focuses and shoots in .3 seconds (noticeably faster than the S4), a heart-rate monitor and a fingerprint reader that can unlock your most important photos and documents.  We can only imagine what the smartphone competition is thinking.

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HP Makes an Affordable Hybrid Laptop-Tablet

The appropriately named Pavilion x360 features a display that can bend an entire 360 degrees– pegging it to a category of laptops known for smoothly switching from clamshell to tablet mode.What's more is this cherry red 11-inch system, which is geared toward students and shoppers on a budget, costs just $399. 

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HP Slate VoiceTab Add Pizzazz to Budget Phablets

HP's new motto: Have it your way. The PC maker is adding more tablets to its menu with the Slate VoiceTab. Emerging markets can expect  6- and 7-inch form factors available in a varied color palette of bold pink, green, purple, deep blue and grey. The price tag starts at $229. Decent for Cortex A9 processing power, a 5-MP back-facing camera, and display resolutions 720p or higher.

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Nokia X Series: Android Phones with Lumia Hearts

Here's a twist. Nokia, now owned by Microsoft, is betting that Android, a competitor, will help drive consumers to Windows Phone services. It's true, we heard it from CEO Stephen Elop, who explained that the Android-powered Nokia X, X+ and XL smartphones will serve as a gateway to get users interested in the company’s Windows Phones devices. How? By giving users access to popular Android apps while introducing them to Microsoft and Nokia’s services.

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Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch: We Go Wrist-On

It seems like just yesterday we tested the original Galaxy Gear, but in less than six months, the company has released a successor, the Gear 2. The original Gear could do almost nothing without being paired to a phone.  The Gear 2, however, can play music, record your steps with a pedometer, measure your heart rate or remote control your TV, all without a tether to a handset.

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Sony Xperia Z2 Smartphone: Elegant, Waterproof, Full of Power

Sony continues the Xperia line's penchant for sleek design, weather-proof chassis and cutting-edge specs with the Z2 smartphone. A 2.3-GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor powers the device's 20.7-MP back-side camera, helping the lens capture top-quality 4k video. And to keep the phone alive is a massive 3,000 mAh battery. Like always, this Xperia is water-tight and dust-proof, so take it dune-buggy racing in the rain as often as you like.

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Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet: Slim Design, Airy Weight, 1080p Screen

If you thought the iPad Air was the slickest tablet around, think again. Sony’s newly announced Xperia Z2 Tablet boasts a super slim, extremely lightweight design that could very well give Apple’s slate stiff competition.

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Mirama Headset Takes Face, Gesture Recognition to Next Level

Why touch or talk to your wearable computer when you can just give it the finger? The Mirama headset and operating system let you send email, draw or perform a host of other actions just by gesturing.

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Samsung Galaxy Fit is Fun, Useful, and Gorgeous

Whereas most fitness bands use fairly simplistic monochromatic displays or LED indicators, Samsung’s Gear Fit sports a gorgeous, though relatively large 1.83-inch, 432 x 128 curved AMOLED display. And with its slick Tizen-powered interface, the Gear Fit could be one of the most promising fitness trackers we’ve seen yet.

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