MSI's Titan Packs Cherry Silver Switches, Dual GTX 1080s

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Feeding my love of large and outlandish gaming laptops, MSI has refreshed the GT83VR Titan SLI with a powerful Intel Kaby Lake processor, similar to all the other gaming laptops this year. Thankfully MSI had a few more tricks up its sleeve, adding a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Silver switches, a world's first for gaming laptops.

The behemoth has been outfitted with several more goodies ahead of its launch in Q1 2017.

Key Specs

  • The Titan wields an overclockable Intel Core i7-7820HK CPU, 16GB of RAM, several SSDs in Super RAID 4 and a pair of Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 GPUs in SLI configuration with 8GB of VRAM each.
  • Despite all that awesome power, the Titan remains confined to a 1080p display.
  • The Titan finally joins its competition in adding a customizable RGB keyboard.
  • The digital num pad still turns into a touchpad at the touch of a button.


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Why You Should Care

As a flagship system in MSI's massive armada, the Titan delivers the most powerful specs in an eye-catching chassis. The Cherry MX Silver switch mechanical keyboard is built for speedy inputs, which could mean the difference between snagging the win or taking the loss in those twitch reflex situations.


Aside from the new colorful keyboard, not much has changed about the 18.4-inch monster aesthetically. Speaking of the keyboard, the typing experience is very comfortable with nice feedback. Silver switches are as clicky as their blue counterparts, but they still deliver a satisfying clack when pressed. I'm looking forward to pushing that new Kaby Lake processor to its limits when we get it in for review.


The MSI GT83VR Titan SLI remains the biggest, baddest beast in MSI's robust line up. Thanks to the power boost from the Kaby Lake CPU, the laptop should be just as powerful with multitasking as it is with running games at inordinately high settings.

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