Mobile Video Chat Battle: Seven Apps Reviewed

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What’s better? To hear the words “I miss you” or to look into someone’s eyes and feel it too? If you’ve ever connected to a friend or loved one via a Skype call or while using Apple’s FaceTime, you already know the answer.

To help you make the most out of that front-facing camera on your smartphone or tablet, we reviewed seven mobile video chat apps. Some apps make video calls across the Android-Apple divide, others stream video calls with up to four people, and some send and receive video mail messages and enable  calls to landlines anywhere on the globe. Take a look and see which app offers the best combination of features and video quality.



FaceTime is easy to use and makes high-quality video calls between Apple devices, but only with a Wi-Fi signal handy.

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The Fring app for Android and iOS phones enables four-way video calls and offers good quality over 4G and Wi-Fi.

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Google Talk with Video

Google Talk offers solid video calls on Android tablets, but limited availability for phones holds this service back.

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ooVoo Mobile

ooVoo Mobile sets itself apart from other video-chat apps with six-way video calls, but the quality isn't stellar.

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Now owned by Skype, Qik offers live streams and visual mail, but face-to-face calls could look a lot better.

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Skype Mobile

Skype Mobile for iOS and Android makes it easy to video-call friends and family on a variety of devices.

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This app lets Android and iOS users chat face to face, but the bugginess and video quality give us pause.

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