Top Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch Cases

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The Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch tablet packs quite a punch, offering features that far exceed its predecessor. The HDX’s 2.2-GHz quad-core processor, 4G capability, 1920 x 1200-pixel resolution and longer battery life are all clear enhancements to the smallest tablet in the Fire lineup. There’s even a built-in Mayday button for instant tech support. So if you plan on spending the $229 to get your hands on this tablet ($329 with 4G) you will want to make sure it is well-protected. We have you covered with the best cases available for the new Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch.

Amazon’s 7-inch HDX Origami Case ($64.99)

Amazon’s leather Origami Case was specifically designed for the 7-inch HDX, and part of that design redirects the audio from the speakers to point toward the viewer for immersive movie-watching. Available in black, blue or red, this $65.99 leather folio allows for portrait or landscape viewing, thanks to the foldable flaps of the cover. The case attaches to the tablet magnetically, which means your Fire HDX will be secure and that when you open the cover, the device will automatically wake from sleep.

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OtterBox Defender Series ($69.95)

If you want optimal protection for those what-if moments, Otterbox offers an HDX 7-inch Defender Series case for $69.95. Due to its three layers of rubber, silicone and hard plastic protection, this accessory is not as sleek as other cases; however, the Defender offers plenty of durability. Bonus: this case can stand in landscape mode.

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Belkin Chambray Cover ($39.99)

Maintaining Belkin's record of quality cases, the Chambray Cover for the HDX 7-inch does the company justice. This $39.99 case — available in black, blue, pink or purple — securely holds the device while allowing users to position the screen at multiple angles. This makes both typing and viewing the screen much more ergonomic.

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Built Neoprene Kindle for Fire HDX 7-inch ($24.99)

Looking for a slim-fit design that will take up very little room in a backpack or a purse? The Built Neoprene case snugly fits around the Fire HDX. A soft, fuzzy lining prevents screen scratches. And the grooves along the bottom make it easy to grip the case with one hand while removing your tablet with the other. Best of all, the Built is machine washable. 

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MarBlue Ultra Lightweight Origin Cover ($19.99)

A quick fold-and-tuck and the MarBlue Origin Cover can double as a stand for the Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch. Or flip it the other way and you've got a more ergonomic typing position. Available in patters or black, blue, lime green, pink and purple, this folio closes magnetically while the soft microfiber interior protects the screen from scratches.

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Kayscase KidBox Cover Case ($21.99)

The Kindle Fire HDX makes a great tablet for families, but if you're going to allow kids near a tablet, it will need a rugged cover. This kid-friendly Kaycase KidBox Cover is made to be dropped, tossed around and abused. Further, its design integrates a handle that is very graspable for small hands; the handle also folds, allowing the Fire to stand. Just in case it somehow breaks, the KidBox comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Supcase Leather Portfolio ($9.99)

The $9.99 Supcase is a foldable leather case that wakes the device when opened. Its slim design holds the Fire HDX in place with Velcro and allows access to all ports and speakers. Choose from black, green, purple, red or four different patterned designs, such as candy stripes. 

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Incipio Sport Zip ($24.99)

For those that don’t like the look or feel of a case locked around their Kindle, the Sport Zip from Incipio allows owners to quickly store and take out their HDX. Made of durable nylon — available in black, blue or gray — this $24.99 carrying case also comes with storage pockets and zippers that will not scratch the Kindle’s body or screen.

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i-Blason Leather Case ($9.99)

Talk about budget-friendly. The i-Blason Leather Case will only cost you $9.99. And for that impulse-buy price tag, you get a case that stands, holds credit cards, an SD Card and an included stylus. The magnetic closure wakes the Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch from sleep when you open it. Plus, a strap on the inside flap makes this folio easy to hold with one hand.  

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The M-Edge Stealth ($39.99)

If you are looking for a case that will work with multiple 7-inch devices, the Stealth series from M-Edge is a great place to start. The Stealth offers a stand-up design and a magnetic clasp so you’ll know your HDX will be secure, while elastic bands hold the device in place. It's available in black, purple or red. 

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  • Michele Says:

    The kidcase and otter box both STINK. Our Kindle screen shattered in both of those cases. We're on our 3rd Kindle and can't find a case for it, so it sits in the closet not being used.

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