Top 15 Cases for Apple iPhone 5s and 5c

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Apple's iPhone 5s and 5c are pretty stylish on their own, but they can always look better. Fortunately, there is no shortage of iPhone covers that allow you to express yourself and, in many cases (pun intended), add some extra functionality. Take the Mophie Space Pack, for example, which bolsters your iPhone 5s with 32GB of extra storage, or PureGear's Retro case for playing games on the back of your 5c. There are plenty more iPhone protectors we love, so here are our top picks. 

Mophie Space Pack ($149/$179)

If your Android-toting friends are constantly slamming your iPhone for its lack of expandable storage, you might want to show them Mophie's new Space Pack. This stylish and innovative shell serves as a charging case for your iPhone 5s, and adds 16GB of extra storage for $149, or 32GB for $179. All of this extra space is organized through Mophie's free Space app, which combines with the Space Pack to make your iPhone a legitimate file-management tool. 

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iBattz Mojo Refuel Aqua S ($119)

Waterproof cases and charging cases are everywhere these days, and iBattz has found a way to merge the two. The $119 Mojo Refuel Aqua S allows you to submerge your iPhone 5s in up to 10 feet of water while enjoying a steady charge from the case's 2,200-mAh battery. This IPX8-certified shell is also shockproof, snow-proof and dirt-proof, so you can keep your iPhone juiced while weathering all types of elements.

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Loop Attachment Straitjacket ($34)

Despite its name, Loop Attachment's Straitjacket is anything but constraining. The $34 Straitjacket features asymmetric silicone bands on the back that can hold your credit cards while creating a unique mummified aesthetic. If you're looking for a functional case that will turn a few heads at a party, you might want to check your phone into the asylum for this one.

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Typo iPhone Keyboard Case ($99)

You can already BBM on your iPhone like it was 2007, but the new Typo case aims to revive the physical aspect of mashing away at a BlackBerry — but on an iPhone. Backed by Ryan Seacrest, this $99 shell adds a QWERTY keyboard that will make BlackBerry addicts feel right at home. Since the keyboard portion of the Typo rests under the display, you get much more screen size than you do when using Apple's on-screen keys. You should act quickly if you want your own, as BlackBerry is suing Typo for its obvious homages to the once-ubiquitous cellphone. 

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Incipio Focal Camera Case ($79)

Incipio's new Focal Camera Case finds a sweet spot between style and functionality for iPhone photogs. This suave black covering sports a leather grip and dedicated zoom and shutter buttons that work with the free inCAMERA iOS app, so you won't have to rely on your phone's touch screen for camera controls. Whether you want a more stylish and comfortable way to take photos on your iPhone 5s or simply want to avoid shaky selfies, it's worth aiming your focus at this $79 add-on. 

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 iLuv FlightFit Gaudi ($24)

You're probably used to looking at your iPhone 5s' screen with the lights off, but iLuv's FlightFit Gaudi illuminates your entire device in the dark. Available in black/neon green or white/baby blue, the FlightFit Gaudi's unique bumpy design is inspired by the work of architect Antoni Gaudí. This eye-catching case isn't just for show, as the Gaudi's hard polycarbonate exterior and soft thermoplastic interior will keep your new iPhone 5s safe from everyday drops and bumps. 

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PureGear Retro Game Cases ($29.99)

Retro is the perfect name for these two iPhone 5c cases. For the Amazing case your goal is to navigate the little silver ball through the maze from where it's marked Start to where it says Finished. The Undecided version is meant to be held vertically, and you shoot the little ball pinball-style to get an answer to your yes or no questions. Both will also fit the iPhone 5s and both cost $29.99. 

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X-Doria Dash Icon ($29.99)

With the $29.99 Dash Icon cases for the iPhone 5s/5c, it's all about the feel. These protective cases feature textured fabrics in interesting styles, including Modern Blue Plaid, Navy Dots, Stripes and Tribal Red. The "puff prints," as X-Doria calls them, are slightly raised to offer a more tactile experience. The hard polycarbonate plastic inner shell offers protection against bumps and scratches. 

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Speck GemShell ($29.95)

Show off your new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c's color without leaving it unprotected by wrapping it up in a $29.95 Speck GemShell. The crystal clear finish looks as if it isn't even there, but rest assured that soft, rubber corners and hard plastic outside will protect your corners, bezel and shiny smartphone back. 

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Seidio Active Case ($34.95)

Because sometimes you want to prop up your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c so you can watch a movie. That's when you'll really appreciate the Seidio Active with Metal Kickstand. It's available in black, blue, purple, red or white for $34.95. For the money you get shock absorbing protection with two interlocking layers of plastic and silicone. Plus, the rubberized coating on the exterior makes it easy to keep your hold firm. And for all that, it still manages a thin 2.2mm thickness. 

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Otterbox Defender Series Case ($59.90)

All those butterfingers out there will definitely want to grab an Otterbox Defender Series case for their new iPhone 5c or 5s. This puppy offers tremendous protection against drops, shocks, dust, scratches and smudges, thanks to its high-impact polycarbonate shell (available in a ton of different colors) with integrated screen protection.

Built-in memory foam cushions the device inside while the outer slipcover absorbs impacts. You'll even get an included holster clip. You will also pay a hefty $59.90 for it, but what's your peace of mind worth?

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Griffin Doxie Separates ($29.99)

The Doxie Separates is one way to tell the world you love your dashund, or perhaps that you just love dogs in general. The styled sihouettes on a clear polycarbonate also let your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c's colors shine through. Available in red and white, blue and green, or light and dark purple, this two-piece case offers protection along the edges and corners. Plus, molded covers protect buttons, and a raized rim protects the screen. 

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Hard Candy HarvestCraft Slider

For $39.95, you can pick up one of 8 multicolored HarvestCraft Sliders from Hard Candy. The soft-touch texture makes it easy to keep a tight grip on your new smartphone, while the rigid polycarbonate and rubber slide strips will protect against the bumps and bruises of everyday life. It comes with four pieces -- one top slider component and three bottom pieces -- which can be mixed and matched to fit your moods. 

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Adopted Leather Frame Case ($39.95)

For the fashionable set, the Adopted Leather Frame Case won't hide the colorful design on the new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c, but it will offers some much needed protection. The $39.95 vintage-inspired frame is a two-piece, interlocking bezel that surrounds the edges of the smartphone. The metallized frame features genuine full-grain leather and can be had in pewter with gunmetal accents or white with gold (show here). 

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Apple iPhone 5c Case ($29)

Designed especially for the iPhone 5c and its myriad colors, the $29 Apple iPhone 5c case is among the least expensive on the market. The silicone exteriors are color coordinated with the colors of the plastic iPhone; black, blue, green, pink, white and yellow. The precisely drilled holes align with the speakers, too. 

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