Apple iOS 7 Tips and Tricks: What You Need to Know

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In addition to a flatter, cleaner interface, iOS 7, Apple’s new mobile operating system has a number of new features, as well as improvements to existing apps. Here are some quick tutorials on how to use such features as notifications, Control Center, multitasking, and Safari and the Camera in iOS 7.

How to Use Control Center

One of the best features of iOS 7 is its new Control Center, which lets you toggle various functions, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and screen brightness right from the Home screen.

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How to Use iTunes Radio

With the introduction of iOS 7, Apple is getting in on the radio app craze. iTunes Radio allows you to stream music from the Internet, much like Pandora and Slacker. Here's a quick look at how to start jamming.

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How To Use AirDrop in iOS 7

Apple's AirDrop, a wireless file-transfer feature, is now a part of iOS 7. This technology uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to make an ad hoc connection between two iOS 7 devices, letting you copy files quickly and easily. Here's how to use it.

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Learn to Navigate Your Way Through Apple Maps

Some of the Map app's previously useful features remain, including integrated Yelp reviews, 3D maps and spoken turn-by-turn directions. But there's plenty of new features to learn how to use.

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How to Use the New Calendar App

Here's our step-by-step guide to easily navigate your way through the Calendar app, including how to add events and keep your life organized.

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How to Close Apps and Multitask

With iOS 7, Apple has spruced multitasking features up a little. Now, instead of just showing little icons of all the open apps, you see thumbnails of each open app, as well as its corresponding icon.

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How to Use Safari

Safari's mobile makeover isn't just skin deep, thanks to new features such as tabbed browsing, private mode, graphically appealing bookmarks and viewing shared links with others. Here's our step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

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How to Use the Camera App

In addition to making the user interface design more minimalist, Apple added a few new features to its native Camera app with iOS 7. To make the most of your new iPhone camera, you'll want to learn all about the new features. Here's how to use them.

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How to Use the Mail App

Apple redesigned its native Mail app for iOS 7 to be as minimalist as the rest of the operating system, but it added some new features as well. Let's open the mailbox to see what Apple delivered.

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