Intel: Laptops with 3D Cameras Coming Next Year

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We've been impressed with Intel's perceptual computing effort and the Creative Senz3D Camera we've seen demoed several times, most recently at Computex 2013. Users can buy that camera this fall, but putting a clunky peripheral on top of your laptop or all-in-one is just a stop gap. Today at IDF13, Intel's Kirk Skaugen announced that built-in 3D cameras will be coming to laptops and desktops some time in 2014.

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During his keynote speech, Skaugen showed a laptop and an all-in-one with the camera inside and held up the tiny piece of silicon that enables it. He also demonstrated an augmented reality application on one of the protoypes, showing how a student could hold up a school book to the camera and see 3D graphical content on top of the book content. He said augmented reality will change education and showed a video of kids reacting to augmented reality apps.

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Skaugen mentioned that the embedded 3D camera will be in Broadwell laptops, but it remained unclear whether it would only work on Broadwell and how much it would cost. Whatever the case, we look forward to seeing 3D cameras, which allow not only augmented reality but improved facial recognition and gesture control, become standard components. 

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