8 Most Important Apps You Still Can’t Get For Windows 8

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Microsoft Windows app store recently passed 150,000 apps available. That's a far cry from the 1 million+ available on Google Play and Apple's App Store, but you have to start somewhere. Plus, having a lot of apps isn't the same as having a lot of great apps. Still, some of the key apps from other platforms still aren't available for Microsoft's new OS. Some of these programs, such as YouTube, are available as Web-based services, but they haven't made the move to Windows 8's Modern UI. These are the 8 most important apps that still aren't available for Windows 8.1.


Disappearing messages are all the rage. However, you won't be snapping pics and sending them for limited time viewing if you're on a Windows device.

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Google Apps

Google has gone on record saying it has no interest or intention of releasing Windows 8.1 apps for its services. That means you won't find Google Drive, YouTube and Google Maps. Sure, you can still go to the company's websites to get the same access. 

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Photography meets social networking in a very real way in Instagram. It's among the hippest apps around, but you won't find it on Microsoft's Windows store. 

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Spotify is available for Windows Phone 8 devices, but there’s no version for Windows RT or Windows 8.1. Unlike similar services such as Pandora or Turntable.fm, the free music streaming app actually has secured contracts with major record labels, meaning you can listen to any well-known song at any time. It also integrates with Facebook, so you can show friends your playlist and see what others are listening to in real time.

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A leading mobile reader app, Pocket lets you save content in your virtual “pocket” and read it later, whether you’re online or offline. It also syncs the content to your laptop or smartphone automatically, but there’s no version available for Windows 8.1, Windows RT or Windows Phone 8.

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While Windows 8.1 comes with Hulu Plus for TV lovers, HBO subscribers will not be able to view the premium channel’s selection of movies and TV shows from their Windows 8 devices. You can still stream HBO content through a Web browser, but you may be asked to log in to your account frequently and won't get the mobile-optimized interface.

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Internet radio service Pandora recently became available for Windows Phone 8 handsets, but you won’t be able to download a standalone app for Windows 8 or Windows RT tablets. As a bonus for waiting so long, Windows Phone 8 users will be able to enjoy the service ad-free for the rest of 2013 while their Windows 8/RT brethren continue to wait their turn.

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Pinterest hasn’t launched an official version of its photo-collage app for Windows 8, but the Windows Store houses a watered-down alternative called My Pinterest. The free app, published by Cloud Connect Services, takes advantage of Microsoft’s Search charm and Snap View. However, you can only use it to browse through your own pin board rather than surfing the entire network.

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