How to Enable Adobe Flash on the Nexus 7

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The fact that Google removed Adobe Flash support from the Nexus 7 has made a few people unhappy (myself included). Maybe you need to use it to get to certain websites for work, or just want to be able to view all the videos on the internet? Either way, where there's a will, there's a way. And here is that way.

1. You must have rooted your Nexus 7 before performing this procedure and must have a custom recovery image. If you haven't rooted it yet head here (link opens in new window) to do that, once done, come back here to continue.

2. Either search through TheUnlockr's ROM repository for a Nexus 7 ROM that supports flash, or use the one listed below based on Modaco’s Custom ROM but with all the extras removed so it’s essentially stock Jelly Bean just with Flash added and save it to your computer.

Stock Custom ROM with Root and Flash

3. Plug in the Nexus 7 via USB cable.

4. Copy the ROM .zip file to the storage of the Nexus 7. Do not extract it, leave it as a .zip file, and put it on the root of the storage, not inside any folders.

5. Unplug the device.

6. Open ROM Manager on the device and click Reboot into Recovery.

7. Once in recovery, select Backup and Restore > Backup and let it backup your current setup. 

8. Select Wipe Data / Factory Reset and confirm.

9. Select Install.


10. Find the ROM .zip we just added to the storage and then confirm.

11. Once it’s done flashing, select Reboot.

12. Once rebooted, go through the setup process and you’ll see the original Android Browser in the app drawer with Flash support built in. Enjoy!

If this procedure helped you be sure to thank/donate to Paul at Modaco who created the original ROM with Flash Support!

David Cogen is a founder of, the popular site for rooting, jailbreaking, hacking, modding, and other how tos to show you how to unlock your device's true potential.

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  • Brenna Says:

    Not true. Android 4.2 Update will not work with reliably with any of the Flash versions I have tried. No sound to missed clicks

  • Andre Says:

    Flash support is available on the nexus 7 without having to root. You just need to get the original adobe flash v11 file on your device and it will install upon press. Anybody needs it, It can be found online. Or...I have it.

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