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No one likes to find out that their two-week old gadget is about to be replaced by a new and better model. Yet, it seems like there are much-improved versions of all the hottest products waiting in the rumor mill. Whether you're shopping for a new iPhone or a Kindle Fire, the tech gossip says your brand new toy will feel way out of date in the very near future. Here we've gathered some of the hottest rumored, but not-yet-announced, gadgets right now. 

Amazon Phone

Amazon is holding its own in the budget tablet market but is it too soon for an expansion into the mobile market? According to multiple sources such as Bloomberg and WSJ, Amazon is working with Foxconn to produce an Android-based smartphone with a 4 to 5-inch screen.

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Apple iPad Mini

Although rumors of an iPad mini have been floating around for a while, the positive reaction to the small size of the Nook Tablet, the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7 may persuade Apple to take action. Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal have both quoted sources with information about a smaller iPad with a competitive price to compete with the other 7-inch budget tablets.

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Apple iPhone 5 with a Bigger Display

When the iPhone 4S came out, many users complained about the smaller-than-average 3.5-inch display. Though, Steve Jobs famously defended the form factor, rumor has it that the iPhone 5 will be thinner and have a larger display and it will have a 16:9 aspect ratio. Other rumors include a new dock port, the use of liquid metal technology and a thinner LCD.

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Apple TV Set

Since the release of the Apple TV set-top box, rumors have been flying about the possibility of Apple making a television. At the D10 conference this year, Tim Cook danced around questions about an Apple Television, but said "I think most people, maybe not all, but many people would say this is an area in their life they’re not really pleased with . . . So, it’s an interesting area, so we’ll have to see what we do." There have not been any specific details or prototype parts leaked so far but analysts who have been in touch with manufacturers in China are confident that something is in the works.

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Amazon Kindle Fire 2

Even though the Kindle Fire is not yet a year old, rumors of the Fire 2 already predict that it will have a 1,280x800 resolution -- an upgrade from the current 1024x600 display. One source said the Fire 2 will come with a camera and physical volume buttons. New rumors on July 23 revealed that the Kindle 2 will come in a variety of configurations, including a 10-inch tablet.

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Retina display 13-inch Macbook Pro

The new Macbook Pro has a thinner exterior and a retina display but its 15-inch chassis is definitively not for everyone. On July 10th 2012, Apple Insider reported that they found benchmarks for an unreleased 13-inch MacBook Pro that sparked rumors that a 13-inch Macbook Pro with a retina display could come out before October this year.

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Amazon Kindle Fire 10 inch

Along with the rumors of an updated version of the Kindle, there are also rumors of a Kindle Fire with a 10-inch display. Although there have not been leaked pictures of this device, the rumor is that this 10-inch tablet will be sold for $350 in order to compete with the $500 price tag on the iPad. This device is rumored to come out in late 2012 or early 2013.

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Apple’s AR Glasses

Rumors of the Apple AR Glasses were sparked by an Apple patent that called for a "Head Mounted Display System" back in 2008. So far, there has been no indication of an active project involving this patent but might Google's Project Glass make Apple take another look at AR?

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Black Berry London

The Black Berry London is the worst hidden secret of the mobile world. There have been leaked pictures of the packaging, the phone and even a chart of BlackBerry's timeline. The only thing is -- it's still not been made official by BlackBerry. The London will be the first smartphone to run BBX, BlackBerry's own mobile operating system. Although the rumored early 2013 release date of the London has not yet been confirmed, we are sure that this device is in development.

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