Google Chromebooks May Support Intel Haswell CPUs

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Google will reportedly equip its Chromebook line of laptops with Intel’s forthcoming line of Haswell CPUs, which promises to deliver longer battery life to the Web-based notebooks. ZDNet uncovered Haswell-supported code within alternative boot software for Chrome OS called Coreboot.

Google’s Chrome OS team began support for Coreboot last year. The code was supplied by a Google software engineer Stefan Reinauer. The direct references within the coding language include “haswell: use dynamic cbmem” and “haswell boards: support added chromeos function”.

Chromebooks are ultraportable laptops that run a lightweight operating system based on the Chrome Web browser and rely on Web apps for activities such as editing documents, playing documents, listening to music, etc. 

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Some current Chromebooks already run on Intel processors, but the most recent release, the Chromebook Pixel, powers a 2560 x 1700-pixel display with an Intel Core i5 processor. That specs pairing led the system to last just a few hours during our battery test. Intel’s Haswell chips boast a 22-nanometer architecture that’s designed to provide better battery power for mobile devices.

ARM-powered Chrome OS systems -- such as the Samsung Series 3 that lasted more than 7 hours during our tests -- are currently the battery life champs. But if this rumor is true, Intel Chromebooks could give ARM a run for its money.

Via ZDNet 


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