5 Best Flappy Bird Alternatives

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Imitation is the finest form of Flappery. Hit mobile game "Flappy Bird" has disappeared just days after its meteoric rise, and rival developers have wasted no time launching copycats. Games like "Ironpants" and "Flappy Bee" take the same tap-to-fly formula made popular by "Flappy Bird," building on that title's simple gameplay mechanic with unique visuals and power-ups.

The infuriating yet strangely fun "Flappy Bird" was no innovator in its own right. The iOS and Android flyer blatantly borrowed art ideas from games like "Super Mario World" and "Angry Birds," so it's only fitting that it has some clones of its own. If you're looking to scratch the painfully addictive itch created by "Flappy Bird," here are some alternatives.   

Ironpants (iOS/Android - Free)

One of the most popular "Flappy Bird" clones around, "Ironpants" may be even harder than the game that inspired it. This free title replaces the bird with an underpants-wearing superhero, and unlike "Flappy Bird," requires you to hold the screen to fly upward rather than just tap it. This super-sensitive 8-bit flying game allows you to share your records on Twitter, so you can brag to your friends about getting a score higher than two. 

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Flappy Bee (iOS/Android - Free)

The title says it all. Take the "Flappy Bird" formula and inject some literal buzz into it. "Flappy Bee" is the peaceful antithesis to "Flappy Bird," as you collect honeycombs within an open, colorful environment not littered with those pesky green pipes. If you want a "Flappy"-style game that your kids can enjoy without breaking down into tears, this one's worth a download. 

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Super Ball Juggling (iOS - Free)

"Flappy Bird" developer Dong Nguyen may have removed his most famous creation, but he has several other games out in the wild. Nguyen's "Super Ball Juggling" is worth checking out for true "Flappy Bird" devotees, as the free title has virtually the same visuals and mechanics as its defunct successor. The only difference? You'll be tapping the screen to keep a soccer ball in the air rather than a bird. It's just as punishing, and can be just as habit forming. 

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Splashy Fish (iOS - Free)

If the blatant "Super Mario World" homages are what drew you to "Flappy Bird," the humorously titled "Splashy Fish" makes a solid replacement. With virtually the same mechanics as its source material, "Splashy Fish" casts you in an 8-bit underwater environment as a red puffer fish that looks identical to "Cheep Cheep" from the "Mario" series. 

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Clumsy Bird (Android)

One of the most unapologetic clones out there, "Clumsy Bird" manages to rip off both "Angry Birds" and "Flappy Birds" at the same time. This free Android game packs a more polished aesthetic for those who were turned off by the retro style of "Flappy Birds," and even has short cutscenes like "Angry Birds." If any "Flappy" knock-off has a lawsuit waiting for it, this is the one. 

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  • Rohan Says:

    Bird Beats for android is good!

  • Risteria Says:

    Clumsy bird is the BEST one I found so far..thank you!!

  • BBains Says:

    I agree with YBRBY, there are more deserving flappy bird esque games that deserve special mention. Especially those that add something new to the table like Power Up Bird.

  • YBRBY Says:

    Deserving of special mention are the better looking Flappy Bird clones such as Amazing Cupid (Android; iOS soon), and Splashy Fish (iOS; Android port much needed IMO).

  • Marcus tootalary Says:

    Stop writing about this shit game. These games are terrible and not worth writing, or copying. Go back to snood and tetris. This game is the lowest comments denomination of games. The scum at the bottom of the barrel. If you miss this game than kill yourself, cause you are shit.

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