E3 2013 Day 1: Top 5 Stories

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo is finally upon us! E3 is one of the biggest gaming conventions in the world, and a prime opportunity for companies to premiere their latest software and console technology. Sony and Microsoft showed off their latest gaming systems that will soon be fixtures of millions of living rooms, and now we've got pricing info, release dates, and loads of temping specs. Catch up on what the future holds for gaming with our top stories of the day.

Sony Playstation 4 is $399, Compact and Still Rocking the All Black Look

The Playstation 4 has finally been unveiled. The rhombus-shaped system is far smaller than the PlayStation 3 when it first launch, which was an incredibly bulky device. As expected, the console carries over the black coloring of its predecessor, though it also offers a nice industrial design. Sony says that it’s own Sony Worldwide Studios has 20 new titles headed to the PS4 this year, 12 of which are all new IPs including “The Order:1886,” “Drive Club,” and “Knack.”  Of course, there were sequels to be shown during the show including “Killzone: Shadown Fall,” latest in the “Killzone” series, “InFamous: Second Son.”

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The Xbox One Costs $499, Available in the U.S. This November

Xbox fans may want to start saving their pennies now, as the company has announced the release date and pricing for its next-generation console, the Xbox One. U.S. gamers can expect to get their hands on the system this November at a starting price of $499. The Xbox One packs a host of tempting specs and features, including an AMD octa-core processor, a 500 GB hard drive, and voice controls that will allow you to activate the system by simply saying, "Xbox on".

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New Games On The Way For the Playstation 3

It wasn’t just the PlayStation 4 that was getting all of the hype at Sony’s E3 2013 press event. The company showed off a wide array of new games including “Beyond Two Souls,” “Batman: Arkham Origins” and “Grand Theft Auto V.” The new games prove that the system has some life left in it after nearly seven years on the market.

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Microsoft Gives the Xbox 360 A Facelift

The Xbox One might be Microsoft's hot new console, but that doesn't mean they're ready to toss the Xbox 360 in the trash. The company announced an updated design for the 360 that is smaller, slicker, and available now. The company also announced that the current Live Gold member accounts would carry over to Xbox One and offer two free game downloads per month starting July 1st.

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Playstation Vita Re-Energizes with 85 New Games

Since it’s auspicious launch back in 2011, the Sony PlayStation Vita has been languishing in the corner. As part of its E3 2013 press event, Sony announced its providing some much-needed support to the handheld with 85 new games.  Games expected to launch for the system this year include “Batman: Arkham Origins” and “The Walking Dead: 400 Days.” Other titles promised for the Vita include remastered versions of “God of War” and “God of War II,” “Flower,” “Final Fantasy X” and “Final Fantasy X2.”

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