E3 2012 Day 1: Gaming Goes Mobile, Gets Interactive

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Gaming has officially gone mobile. That seems to be the key trend we saw during day 1 of E3 Expo - the annual video game conference and show in Las Vegas. TwitchTV and Paradox Interactive, PlayStation and Xbox revealed new interactive, mobile developments in their upcoming line-up - fromĀ  livestreaming games to PlayStation on Android tablets and smartphones to Xbox SmartGlass. And who doesn't love Amazing Spiderman on their mobile device?

TwitchTV, Paradox Interactive Announce In-Game Livestream Integration

For the gamers out there who are so good they want the entire world to see, TwitchTV and Paradox Interactive's partnership will let you livestream games. Paradox's "The Showdown Effect" will be the first game to enable this cool feature, featuring a direct link from the player's dashboard to the TwitcthTV broadcasting platform.

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Sony Reveals PlayStation Mobile, Expanded Vita Catalog

Continuing the mobile gaming trend, Sony rebranded the PlayStation Suite as PlayStation Mobile. HTC also was named Sony's first partner in the effort to bring PlayStation-certified games to Android tablets and smartphones. PlayStation Vita released 60 upcoming titles including digital downloads, while a Cross-Controller feature that enables users to engage in multiplayer co-op and the Vita and a PS3 controller.

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Microsoft Xbox Launches Xbos SmartGlass and Updated Xbox Live

Microsoft is ready to integrate Xbox gameplay with your mobile devices. Coined Xbox SmartGlass, the initiative will link game enhancements between tablets, notebooks, smartphones and TVs. With a SmartGlass app, existing tablets and smartphones bring interactive features such as pinch-to-zoom to their existing television. And Internet Explorer isn't being left out of the fun this time, as it is also brought to the Xbox platform.

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Amazing Spiderman Comes to iOS and Android

After the success of "Spiderman: Total Mayhem," Gameloft teamed up with Marvel to create their own Spidey game based off of the upcoming "The Amazing Spiderman" movie. Launching in time for the film's release on Android and iOS devices, the game will feature 3D action and a comprehensive battle system.

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