Amazon's New Kindle Paperwhite Will Get E Ink Carta Display

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Taiwanese electronic display maker E Ink today released Carta, a new generation of greyscale display that will offers 50 percent higher contrast. E Ink also claims their new technology will prevent reflections 22 percent better than the existing Pearl displays. The recently released Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the first e-reader to utilize Carta E Ink, which is also expected to offer smoother page turns.

According to E Ink, the improved contrast ratio on Carta gives e-reader screens contrast levels close to that on a paperback book and sets a new standard as the highest contrast ratio display in the industry. The screen maker also says that Carta will require the least power consumption yet because it uses no power to keep an image or text on the screen. Its new E Ink Regal waveform technology will reduce the need for full page refreshes after six page turns so, hopefully, no more flickering.

The E Ink Carta modules also allow for production designers to build touch into their displays and is suitable for devices with display sizes between 1.44 inches and 13.3 inches. With such high contrast values, the Carta module should provide a great outdoor reading experience, making it perfect for use on wearable devices or smartphones. 

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