CTIA Fall 2011: Day Two Wrap-Up

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The second day of CTIA flew by just as fast as the first day. While yesterday was dominated by smartphones, today we saw apps and technology that are moving us into the future and redrawing the line between your business and personal lives. Check out the highlights below.

Enterproid Divide

With Enterproid’s new Divide platform, your Android device develops split personalities: one for work and another for play. When Enterproid is inactive, you are able to use your smartphone as you see fit, download apps, check Facebook, and stream music. When you switch to the business profile, Enterproid takes over, giving you to access your business e-mail, SMS, and text messages, while also allowing your company’s IT department to enforce specific rules.

Hands-On with Enterproid Divide

Dexim AppSpeed

What do you get when you combine a remote control monster truck and an iPad? Tons of fun.

Hands-On with Dexim AppSpeed.

Verizon Mobile UC Client

Verizon Wireless has launched a new service that enables employees to essentially turn their personal Android device into their office phone while on the go.

Hands-On with Verizon's Mobile UC Client.

Postcard on the Run

Instead of just sending your pics to the cloud, this clever app lets you design a physical postcard from an iPhone or Android device in a few easy steps.

Hands-On with Postcard on the Run.

Myriad Alien Davlik 2.0

At CTIA in San Diego, Myriad showed us its ambitious Alien Dalvik 2.0 platform running on an iPad. We’re talking full-screen apps, as well as widgets, all streaming from the cloud.

Hands-On with Myriad Alien Davlik 2.0.

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