CPU Chillout: 4 Notebook Coolers Reviewed

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It's essential to keep a gaming notebook cool for all-night raids. We found 4 popular notebook coolers that offer a sweet set of features including adjustable fans, tilting designs, and extra USB ports, and tested them to find out which best keeps your rig well ventilated. 

NZXT Cryo E40

The grayish-black Cryo E40 is made of a combination of steel mesh and plastic, and held together with a series of magnets. The top part of the cooler separates completely from the bottom, providing access to two fans that can be moved and set in place by magnets of their own.

Not every notebook heats up in the same place; NZXT is aware of this fact, which is why its Cryo E40 notebook cooler lets you move its two fans so you can direct airflow to target specific hot spots. The fairly low price of $27.99 is another selling point. Read on to find out whether the E40 will keep your system comfy.

NZXT Cryo E40 Review

 The Targus Chill Mat Plus

Unlike other notebook coolers, the Chill Mat Plus can be adjusted to four different angles. There are four USB ports on the back of the cooler, as well as a microUSB for power and a DC in port (although a DC power cable is not included). Additionally, there are two velcro straps on the back, assisting with cable organization or storage.

The Targus Chill Mat Plus Review

Cooler Master Notepal X3

The Cooler Master Notepal X3 is a high-quality, lightweight notebook cooler that will definitely keep your system chilly. Its sleek design and mood lights are a nice touch, adding to the value of a lower temperature notebook. The X3 was not only the most effective in keeping our notebook's temperature down, but also kept our hands from getting sweaty, too.

Cooler Master Notepal X3 Review

Rosewill RLCP-11002

Rosewill has produced a solid notebook cooler with the RLCP-11002, combining an all-aluminum body with a high-performance cooling fan.

Priced at $29.99, the RLCP-11002 won't break the bank, but doesn't include the multiple USB ports or angle adjustments that more premium coolers do. Are these concessions worth the lower price tag?

Rosewill RLCP-11002 Review

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