Computex 2013 Preview: 5 Things to Expect

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As Asia's most important tech show, Computex Taipei always gives us a glimpse of important new products and emerging trends. In 2012, we got a glimpse of some important Windows 8 products, including innovative hybrids from ASUS and Acer that didn't launch until months later stateside. This year's Computex promises to be the most important yet with Intel poised to showcase its new 4th Generation Core Series platform (codenamed Haswell) at the show. 

Here are the five most important things you can expect from Computex 2013.

Haswell Brings Speed and Battery Life

In a recent press briefing, Intel's Rani Borkar said that company's new 4th Generation Core platform will provide 50 percent more battery life while boasting serious performance gains. This increased efficiency should make Windows 8 hybrid designs and touchscreen laptops much more compelling. We'll have to wait and see whether real-world endurance is that much better on Haswell systems. We expect Intel's Tom Kilroy to show off the chip's capabilities with real-world demos at his keynote address on Tuesday.

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New Laptop and Tablet Designs

Any time Intel comes out with a new platform, PC vendors refresh their product lines with new designs. With Haswell making its debut, we expect to see a slew of new laptops, tablets and hybrids, many with completely fresh chassis designs. Ahead of Computex, Razer announced its new 14-inch Razer Blade gaming laptop based on Haswell. Look for Acer and ASUS to make a particularly big splash on Monday, June 3rd. MSI and Gigabyte are also rolling out new products. 

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Windows 8.1 on Display

Microsoft just released several key details about its next-generation operating system, including the return of the Start button, Snap improvements and supercharged search.. Though we expect the company to save its best announcements for the Build developer conference on June 26th, we will likely learn more about Windows 8.1 at Computex. Microsoft Corporate Vice President of the OEM Division Nick Parker will be giving a keynote address on Wednesday where he may demo Windows 8.1. We also wouldn't be surprised to see some devices at Microsoft's booth with the new OS preloaded.

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AMD Shows More Temash Hybrids

Intel's long-time competitor is stepping up its game in the mobile space. With its upcoming Temash platform, AMD is targeting low-cost tablets and hybrids, promising longer battery life and better performance than Intel's Atom chips. At Mobile World Congress, the company showed off half a dozen unique-looking design prototypes based on its new platform. With the company holding a press conference on Wednesday, we hope to see a number of new branded products based on Temash.

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Android Everywhere

At last year's event, we saw our first Android stick. Since then, several companies have announced Android gaming systems and we've even seen an Android notebook in the HP SlateBook X2. With a number of ODMs and obscure Asian vendors showing off their wares, we hope to see more Android hybrids, Android sticks and other Android hardware we didn't expect.

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