Computex 2012 Day 2: Surprise Tablets and Unique Hybrids Rule

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On day 2 of Computex 2012, Intel surprised us with an unannounced Lenovo Thinkpad tablet running Windows 8, Samsung showed us a Series 5 ultra convertible Ultrabook, MSI gave us a hands-on of the Slider S20, and Intel spoke about their focus on user experience and touch technology.  We've gathered up our best from Day 2 of Computex 2012. See what you missed.

Windows 8-Powered ThinkPad Tablet Hands-On

A representative at the Intel booth surprised us with a demonstration of the next-generation Atom processor on an unannounced Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet running Windows 8. Although the company did not provide much information about the slate, the rep did confirm that it will be HD (but not full HD). We were fans of the original pen-supported ThinkPad Tablet, so we have high hopes of seeing more of this slate soon.

Watch our video demo of this unannounced Lenovo tablet.

Samsung Series 5 Ultra Convertible Hands-On

Samsung let us get up-close-and-personal with its upcoming Series 5 Ultra Convertible. This 14-inch Ultrabook is very limber, boasting the ability to bend back 360 degrees--much like the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga. We were impressed with the speedy boot time, the solid bending mechanism and the brushed aluminum chassis. Samsung did warn us that the device we saw was a prototype and there’s still a long way to go before it is released sometime later in the year.

Watch our hands-on video with the Samsung Series 5 Ultra Convertible

Intel’s Computex Keynote: All About Touch

The senior vice president of sales and marketing at Intel, Tom Kilroy, gave a keynote about the company's latest advances in mobile technology. In the hour-long demo/speech, Kilroy stressed Intel's dedication to user experience in its upcoming products. In particular, he stressed the impact touch will have on all sorts of products moving forward.

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MSI Slider S20 Hands-On

Continuing the hybrid-y trend, MSI delighted us with its first product in the Ultrabook line--the MSI Slider SL20. This 11.6-inch Windows 8 machine sports a full-sized keyboard that slides in and out, allowing it to transform from a slate to a notebook in seconds. We came away surprised at the SL20's bright screen, responsive keyboard and the attractive design. MSI rep expects the Slider SL20 to release around the time of the Windows 8 launch and that, unlike many other MSI notebooks, it should come stateside. No word yet on pricing.

Watch our hands-on video with the Samsung MSI Slider S20

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