CES 2014 Highlights Day 3: Top 7 Stories

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You can't attend a tech smorgasbord as big as CES 2014 and not encounter dozens of new gadgets each day. Our experience in the last 24 hours reflects this. The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro, a 12-inch Android slate for office warriors, isn't even a week old, but Logitech has already assembled the perfect Bluetooth keyboard case to pair with it. Firefox's mobile operating for smartphones has some cool new universal search tricks, and Sony subverts mainstream thirst for big smartphones with the Xperia Z1 Compact, a 4.3-inch phone that's David in a field of Goliaths. Find out what you may have missed at this year's CES, day 3. 

Fuhu DreamTab: A 1080p Kids Tablet

Kids want the finer things in life too, and, if you give them the Fuhu DreamTab, hinted to be priced at under $300 when it hits shelves this spring, you’ll give them just that. As part of a partnership with Dreamworks, both the 8-inch and 10-inch DreamTabs pack 1920 x 1080-pixel screens, probably to help hold attention with sharp video graphics during movies, games, and education apps. Speaking of graphics, Intel Atom CPUs won’t hurt processing performance either.

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Meta Pro Augmented Reality Glasses

Google Glass could be a simple children’s toy when put side-by-side with the Meta Pro augmented reality goggles. During our hands-on time with a prototype at CES 2014, we were blown away by the completely immersive environment these goggles create on top of your field of view. Due out in June for $3,000, the Meta Pro are not ready for mainstream construction, but they did let us completely interact with virtual objects right before we printed those out on a 3D printer.

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Typo Keyboard Case Adds Real Keys to iPhone

Yup, the name’s ironic. Plenty of iPhone users have begged for a decent hardware keyboard and now they may get their wish. The Typo case, 99 bucks, clasps around the iPhone and gives it a BlackBerry-style keyboard--complete with ridged keys, white fonts, and sleek black plastic. Does the typing experience live up to the almost-forgotten BlackBerry legacy?

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Fuhu's New 7-inch Slate is Even More Indestructible

Last year’s Fuhu 7-inch kids tablet included a drop-safe bumper to keep money-conscious parents calm in the face of their child’s inevitable clumsiness. This year the slate maker adds more convenience by including a removable back plate so that parents can replace internal parts themselves (that they receive in the mail), rather than shipping the whole tablet off to Fuhu. Other great features are back as well: Android Jelly Bean, great parental controls, Fuhu’s excellent educational software, and full access to the Google Play store.

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Firefox OS Let You Search Apps from its Omnibar

FireFox OS feels familiar thanks to its similarity to Android and iOS’s large colorful apps and grid-based home screens but, down beneath its HTML 5-based code, are some snazzy one-of-a-kind tricks. Our favorite is integrated search which picked up not only apps and relevant Web pages but also launched context-aware searches too. So when we entered “sushi”, we got Yelp suggestions for local Japanese restaurants. Another search for “Imagine Dragons” returned results within the Youtube, Grooveshark, and Twitter apps.

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Galaxy Note Pro Gets Logitech Keyboard Case

Because of its huge screen, the 12.2-inch Samsung Galaxy Note Pro is billed as the ultimate Android slate for office tasks. But what is productivity without a hardware keyboard? Logitech’s on the case. The gadget accessory maker showed off the Logitech Pro, a monster Bluetooth keyboard for the Note Pro that adds a very satisfying (we tried it!) typing experience to the 12-inch slate.

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Xperia Z1 Compact: Great Specs, Normal-Sized Phone

Phones don't need to be gigantic to have the best specs. Sony’s Xperia Z1 Compact measures a very routine 4.3 inches but packs the same high-kicking specs as its larger brandmate, the 6-inch Xperia Z1. That premium hardware includes a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, a water-sealed chassis, and a slamming 20.7-MP back-facing camera. Surprise: there are even more tricks up this phone’s size small sleeves.

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