CES 2013 Day 4: Top 10 Stories

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CES 2013 is in full swing, and Day 4 was packed with product demos and announcements from companies including Audio, Sprint  and Verizon. Read on for a round-up of the hottest news of the day. 

Video Demo: Yota Smartphone with E-Paper Screen on Back

When we first heard about the Yota phone, a 4.3-inch Android phone with a grayscale e-Paper display on the back, we were puzzled but intrigued by the concept. But after seeing a working prototype here at CES, we’re excited about the new range of use cases this second screen presents. In an extensive private demo at CES, Yota COO Lau Geckler showed us how the back screen can serve as an e-reader, an always-present alert system or a post-it note for your digital life.

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Sprint Announces 4G LTE-Enabled Windows Phone 8 Handsets

Sprint customers who have been denied access to Windows Phone 8 devices are finally getting some love. Here at CES 2013, Sprint announced that 4G LTE-enabled Windows Phone 8 handsets will finally be arriving this summer. Sprint’s rollout will begin with two handsets; one from Samsung and one from HTC.

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Audi Introduces Self-Parking Car App

If you needed physical proof that Audi is working on its own self-driving car, look no further than its Pilot Parking and Pilot Driving for AudiConnect vehicles. These two cars, which are built using production sensors, can easily park and drive themselves, respectively, without human interference. To demonstrate its autonomous technology, Audi brought its Pilot Parking vehicle to CES 2013, where we watched it drive out of a parking space at a nearby hotel parking garage, turn around a corner and back with no one behind the wheel.

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Video Demo: Martian Smart Watch

A little-known Kickstarter-funded company called Martian Watches may have the most interesting smart watch of CES 2013. Available for preorder in three styles with prices ranging from $249 to $299, the Martian Watch is the only device in this category that allows users to make crystal clear voice calls or interact with their phone’s voice assisant (Siri, Google Voice) directly from their wrists.

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Other World Computing Debuts 20 Amp USB Wall Socket

There’s a good chance that almost every one of your gadgets charges by USB. Charging via USB has become so popular that many companies don’t even include an AC adapter with their device, instead selling it as an optional accessory. Other World Computing (OWC) eliminates that middleman, allowing users to plug their devices directly into a wall socket with the Power2U.

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Verizon Wireless Announces Child-Monitoring Smartphone App

It’s never easy deciding whether Junior is ready for a cellphone, and Verizon Wireless hopes to make the transition easier with FamilyBase, a new service shown at CES 2013 that’s coming this spring. Using a special app loaded on both the parents’ and child’s handsets, Mom and Dad can monitor everything from calls and texts to even what apps the child is using. Or they can give their kid a digital timeout.

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Lenovo Unveils World’s First Intel Clover Trail -Powered Smartphone

At CES 2013, Lenovo took the wraps off its IdeaPhone K900, which is the world’s first Intel Clover Trail -powered smartphone. With its 5.5-inch, 1080p display, it also enters phablet territory. The K900 is spearheaded by a 2-GHz Z2580 Intel Clover Trail dual-core processor, Gorilla Glass 2.0 5.5-inch, 1080p display, 16GB of storage and a 13-MP camera, and it runs Android Jellybean.

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Hands-On: I'm Watch

Gadget-maker I'm Spa made a splash at CES 2013 by relaunching its smart watches with a major operating system update it called I’m Droid 2. We got a review sample of the I’m Watch and spent the better part of a day putting it through its paces. What we found was equal parts potential and mind-numbing frustration.

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ECBC Introduces Three New Connected Carry-On Bags

Luggage and bag manufacturer ECBC has unveiled the ultimate carry-on bag for the connected traveler here at CES 2013. There are three new models: the Pegasus, the Sparrow and the Falcon, each of which meet slightly different needs but come chock full of pockets, pouches and even some extra juice for your electronics.

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Alliance for Wireless Power Announces New Wireless Charging Standard

The last thing consumers want is another tech standards war, but the Alliance for Wireless Power believes it has a better wireless charging solution than the competition. After all, Samsung is on board for a reason. Here at CES 2013, the consortium outlined its plans for the coming year and why it believes the marketplace will ultimately side with its technology.

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