CES 2013 Day 1: Top 10 Stories

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The show floor may not be open yet, but there was plenty to see at the Sunday preview of CES 2013, like an amazing all-in-one from Lenovo, a Wi-Fi-steered remote control car, and an iPhone 5 case with touch controls on the backside. Plus, Nvidia shocked a lot of folks with a brand-new handheld gaming console running Android.  Here are our picks for the hottest gear of Day 1. 

Nvidia Project Shield

The Nvidia Shield is easily one of the most exciting gadgets of CES 2013 – and not just because this is the first piece of hardware from the graphics giant. This ambitious gaming device combines Android with a Tegra 4 processor inside a 5-inch portable console. The Shield offers console-grade controllers and easy access to Tegra Zone for playing mobile games, plus the ability to stream the latest PC games.

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Lenovo 27-inch IdeaCenter Horizon

It’s a desktop. It’s a tablet. It’s a table-top computer. Actually, the Lenovo IdeaCenter Horizon is all three of these devices and more. We had a chance to play with this unique device at CES 2013 and came away even more intrigued with its software than its hardware.

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Lenovo ThinkVision LT1423 Wireless Monitor

Lenovo has just taken the portable monitor category to a whole new level, combining wireless connectivity, touch support and high resolution into a lightweight 13.3-inch display. Dubbed the ThinkVision LT1423, this 1.6-pound, 0.3-inch-thick monitor is small and light enough to sit in a pocket of your laptop bag, but bright and sharp enough to serve as a secondary display that may just outshine your notebook’s primary panel.

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NVIDIA Launches Tegra 4

Nvidia has escalated the mobile arms race with the new Tegra 4 processor, which combines 4 A15 CPU cores with a whopping 72 GPU cores. Plus, Nvidia has integrated a 4G LTE modem for the first time. You can even shoot two photos at once, achieving a one-shot HDR effect.

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Canopy Sensus Capacitive Touch Case

When it comes to smartphone display quality, you are the weakest link, because every time you touch the screen you block your own view. But what if you could just tap the back and sides instead? We got a demo of the Canopy Sensus, the first iPhone case to feature capacitive touch capabilities that allow you to interact with your iPhone by touching parts of it that don't include the screen.

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Lenovo ThinkPad Helix Hybrid

A new riff on the popular detachable tablet/notebook hybrid, Lenovo’s ThinkPad Helix can serve as a standalone 11.6-inch tablet, a powerful business Ultrabook or a presentation station. Unlike with any other detachable we’ve seen, the Helix’s tablet pops securely into the keyboard dock, making it ideal for showing movies or PowerPoint decks.

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Nectar Mobile Power by Lilliputian

If you’ve ever wished you could have a wall outlet in your pocket for powering your gadgets, the Nectar Mobile Power by Lilliputian may make your dreams a reality. Nectar is a “plug-less” charger, getting its power from Power Cartridges, called “pods,” rather than traditional wall outlets. The company claims that an individual power cartridge can power or recharge CE devices for several weeks.

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Vizio Launches First AMD Windows 8 Tablet

Vizio’s first Windows 8 tablet is also the first for consumers with an AMD processor under the hood, hoping to give ARM- and Intel-powered slates a run for their money. The Vizio 11.6″ Tablet PC sports a full 1080p display and an AMD Z-60 CPU with discrete-level Radeon HD graphics. That means you should be able to play demanding games as well as create content at “full throttle.” And because this is an X86-based chip, the tablet will run traditional desktop apps as well as newer Windows Store apps.

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Vizio Thin & Light Laptops

Vizio made some waves with its first Ultrabooks, delivering sharper screens than the competition along with sleek designs and a bloatware-free Windows experience. Ultimately, though, short battery life dampened our enthusiasm for the Thin Light CT15-A1. Now Vizio is back with the 14” and 15” Thin Light Touch, which cram double the battery capacity into bodies that are just as slim, plus a touch screen for poking Windows 8 Live Tiles.

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Scara Bee Remote Control Wi-Fi Buggy

It’s 2013, so who needs remote-controlled vehicles with actual remote controls? The market is filled with Bluetooth toys you can control from your mobile device, but BeeWee Scara Bee Buggy uses Wi-Fi so it can travel 100 feet or more away from you.

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