CeBIT 2012 Day 2 Wrap-Up: A Touch-friendly Display for Ultrabooks

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That's a wrap on the second day of CeBIT 2012. Here's a look back at the day's gadgets and laptops. Like yesterday, there's more news on ultrabooks. Namely Fujitsu unveils its first machine for the category but there's also a demo with a thin-and-light that includes a multitouch-sensitive display. Unlike yesterday, we went hands-on with Audi's in-dash infotainment system and a sensor that works with your smartphone to make you a better gardener. It's true! See for yourself below. 

Ultrabooks Get Touch-Friendly

How about an ultrabook that lets you pinch-to-zoom and scroll by touching the display and not the trackpad? Intel demo'ed just such a thing today, and it could be coming soon to a PC near you.

Intel Ultrabook with Touchscreen: Video Hands-on

Fujitsu Lifebook UH572: More Details

Acer and Gigabyte aren't the only laptop makers getting into the ultrabook game at CeBIT. Fujitsu joins their ranks with the Lifebook UH572, an Intel Ivy Bridge-based system that will retail for 699 euros.

Fujitsu Lifebook UH572 Hands On Video

MSI GT60 and GT70 Gaming Laptops

MSI makes a new appeal to gamers with two frag-ready laptops, the 16-inch GT60 and the GT70, both of which include Alienware-style multi-color keyboard backlights and RAID 0-configured solid-state drives.

MSI GT60 and GT70: Hands On Video

Koubachi Sensor Keeps Your Plants Alive

How's this for a green app-cessory? Place the Koubachi Sensor near your plant, connect it to Wi-Fi, and the gadget will send you alerts when the temperture, light, and soil conditions for your potted pet are less than optimal.

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Audi Connect

Inside the brand-new Audi A3 Quattro you’ll find plenty of tech, from a touchpad situated front and center to a system for drawing letters with your finger to input destinations for the Google-powered navigation services.

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