Card App for iOS 5 Can Send Personalized Greetings Online and Off

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There's an app for Hallmark now, but it's not the Hallmark app you're thinking of.

At the Apple press event in Cupertino, CA today, Apple officials announced a new app for creating greeting cards. Called (simply) the Card App, the new download lets iOS 5 users build digital greeting cards from photos saved on their device.  

Once a digi-missive is complete, it can be e-mailed to friends and family for free. That's not all, though: Users can also send a printed version of their personalized greet carding via snail mail. There is, of course, a small fee attached: $2.99 for domestic mail and $4.99 for international cards. The app will be available next Wednesday, October 12th.

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  • Troy Salisbury Says:

    $2.99 a card?!?! Why pay that much when you can do the same thing for about $1? Check it out at

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