Best Touch Screen-Friendly Gloves

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Staying warm through winter is key, but for tech junkies, keeping connected to your favorite devices is even more important. While texting addicts once had to remove their gloves and face the season's bitter chill just to send a message, some phones such as the Galaxy S6 Edge allow you to text through cloth. However, if your phone doesn't have this feature, there are now a plethora of winter gloves that will interact just fine with a touchscreen. Whether you're a professional snowboarder or are seeking the finest in snow-season fashion, you'll probably find something to like in our breakdown of the best tech-friendly gloves.

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  • Michael B. Says:

    None of these gloves are winter gloves... I am disappointed in your pics, as none of these gloves would do anything for a real winter - much less for high-wind situations like skiing. Moreover, they all look like they would soak up water if used to handle snow. No leather options, no deerskin options, no work-glove options and no ski-glove options. These might work in early fall or late spring, but I'm upset that you labeled this page "Capacitive Winter Gloves."

  • Jane Says:

    Michael, I just contacted NewTech at their customer service line, 815-308-7001. Customer service rep Eric told me the gloves were $9 back in October when you wrote your review, but they are now selling for $12.50 a pair. I wanted to buy 4 pair at $9, but all he would offer me was free ground shipping at $12.50 a pair. Please update your review to reflect current pricing. And I'll keep looking for tech gloves.

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