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Staying warm through winter is key, but for tech junkies, keeping connected to your favorite devices is even more important. While texting addicts once had to remove their gloves and face the season's bitter chill just to send a message, some phones such as the Galaxy S6 Edge allow you to text through cloth. However, if your phone doesn't have this feature, there are now a plethora of winter gloves that will interact just fine with a touchscreen. Whether you're a professional snowboarder or are seeking the finest in snow-season fashion, you'll probably find something to like in our breakdown of the best tech-friendly gloves.

OJIA Touchscreen Gloves

For the playful texter in the family, these panda-themed gloves are a perfect fit. Conductive threads woven into the thumbs and index and middle fingers allow for quick touch-screen typing. Plus, they are so inexpensive that you may be tempted to also buy the bunnies, kittens and teddy bear versions for a more complete animal kingdom.

Glider Gloves Urban Style

Elegantly styled for both men and women in muted grays, the Glider Gloves Urban Style feature 10-finger functionality for touch screens. That's because they are made with a blend of copper, nylon, spandex and acrylic. Plus, you won't have to worry about your phone falling from your cozily warm hands, thanks to the anti-slip grip on the palms.

Timberland Men's Fleece Windproof Glove

Classic looking, lightweight and available in four colors and four sizes, the Timberland Men's Fleece Touchscreen Gloves sell for just $22. On the index finger and thumb sit special pads that make sure your finger makes the necessary connection with your smartphone's display. Plus, the fleece material will keep you warm even in the dead of winter. 

Zensah Smart Running Gloves

While there are plenty of gloves that break the barrier between your fingers and touch screen, Zensah's Smart Running Gloves are built with techy athletes in mind. These black gloves have reflective white stripes on the outer fingers for staying visible in the dark, as well as a shiny, sleek fabric across the thumb, pointer and middle fingertips for easy touch-screen usage. The gloves are made out of Zensah's four-way stretch material, and feature an anti-moisture suede thumb for wiping away sweat after an intense session of texting while running.

Newer Technology NuTouch Gloves

Made from a soft cotton mix, the NuTouch Gloves feature a conductive fiber in all 10 fingertips, so you can swipe, tap and scroll with any fingers you choose. Available in Charcoal and in small, the gloves come with a one-year warranty.

Agloves Gripper

These 10-finger touch gloves not only let you text and use your smartphone outside in the cold, but, with their gripper dots, also ensure that your slippery iPhone 6 doesn't slip out of your hands and shatter. Real silver was integrated into the gloves for maximum warmth and high conductivity. A snug cuff keeps the wind out, while the ergonomic design has a unisex fit.

Fownes TouchPoint Men’s Leather Gloves

These sleek gloves allow you to tap your phone or tablet without freezing your fingers off. The TouchPoint's elastic wrists create a seal to block out cold air, while giving you the perfect fit. Though they are not made for wet weather conditions, the gloves are perfect for urban travelers and commuters who need a little protection and don't want to break the bank. Also available in women's sizes.

Cyanics iPhone WizGloves

Although these gloves are primarily marketed toward iPhone users, don’t be fooled — they can also work with other touch-screen devices. They’re warm, washable and incredibly stretchable for the utmost comfort. Their sleek color and design make them wearable for almost any occasion.

Hipstreet Touch Gloves

If you’re looking for a pair of gloves that will work with all of your touch-screen devices, this may be the last pair you’ll ever need. The Hipstreet Touch Gloves are designed to work with any mobile device, and they’re unisex, meaning they’ll fit on virtually any hands. 

Ralph Lauren Black Leather & Wool Touch Gloves

If you’re a fan of Ralph Lauren, you’re going to love these gloves. Designed specifically for touch-screen use, The Touch Gloves are 100 percent leather and 80 percent wool for the ultimate warmth. A slit near the outer wrist allows for easy movement, making them quite possibly the most comfortable leather gloves out there.

Verloop Pure Touchscreen Gloves

Who says cashmere-blended gloves can’t work on touch-screen devices? Verloop created these chic gloves for those who want to keep their fingers warm and stylish as they text. The thumb and index fingertips are hand-embroidered with conductive thread for touch-screen use. The gloves also come in a wide range of colors to suit your taste.

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  • Wanda Says:

    Hi I live in Phoenix Arizona and is there a store I can buy any of these gloves at?

  • Michael B. Says:

    None of these gloves are winter gloves... I am disappointed in your pics, as none of these gloves would do anything for a real winter - much less for high-wind situations like skiing. Moreover, they all look like they would soak up water if used to handle snow. No leather options, no deerskin options, no work-glove options and no ski-glove options. These might work in early fall or late spring, but I'm upset that you labeled this page "Capacitive Winter Gloves."

  • Jane Says:

    Michael, I just contacted NewTech at their customer service line, 815-308-7001. Customer service rep Eric told me the gloves were $9 back in October when you wrote your review, but they are now selling for $12.50 a pair. I wanted to buy 4 pair at $9, but all he would offer me was free ground shipping at $12.50 a pair. Please update your review to reflect current pricing. And I'll keep looking for tech gloves.

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