10 Best HTC One Cases

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If you plan on scooping up the beautiful HTC One, chances are you'll want at a case to protect its aluminum-and-glass body from bumps, scratches and drops. The good news is that there's already plenty of options-- and a lot of them add even more flair to your device. From a wallet case to one inspired by luxury automobiles, these are the best HTC One cases now.

Speck GemShell ($29.95)

Speck's GemShell aims to show off your device while still keeping it safe. Its see-through finish lets the design shine through, but its durable one-piece shell ensures that your HTC One still is protected. Plus, rubberized button covers let you access your controls while still shielding them.

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M-Edge Echo Case (Starting at $35)

The Echo Case from M-Edge features a dual-layer design and sports a co-molded hard outer shell and a soft interior to absorb shocks and drops. Available starting in April, the case will come in several colors and patterns, so you can add a touch of flair to your HTC One.

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Incipio DualPro CF ($34.99)

Incipio's DualPro CF features a dual-layer construction to protect against bumps and drops, and it's made from radio transparent materials so as not to hinder signal strength. With a carbon fiber finish, the case has a glossy, geometric design.

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Otterbox Defender Series ($49.95)

For the klutzes out there, or for those paranoid about damaging their HTC One, Otterbox's Defender Series is the case for you. The rugged multi-layer case features a screen protector to prevent scratches, a polycarbonate inner layer and a silicone outer layer to keep out dust and debris. Plus, there's a belt-clip holster/kickstand.

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Speck CandyShell Grip ($34.95)

Speck's classic CandyShell Grip comes to the HTC One, providing users with a no-slip grip so the device will stay firmly in their grasp at all times. Featuring a raised bezel, a hard outer shell with strong exterior guards and a soft, rubbery inner layer to absorb shock, this case gives you all-around protection. Available in Black/Slate, White/Black, Pool/Deep Sea Blue and Raspberry/Nimbus Grey.

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HTC One Double Dip Flip Case ($27.95)

The HTC One Double Dip Flip Case is made from a tough polycarbonate that protects the back of your device, while a touch of red ups the sleekness. A flip stand on the case's back lets you view your favorite TV shows or YouTube clips hands-free.

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Case-Mate Carbon Fiber ($80)

Case-Mate's Carbon Fiber case is perfect for those who want their HTC One to feel luxurious. The case was inspired by high-end sports cars, and was crafted from the lightweight fibers used by Formula One vehicles and luxury automobiles. It creates a two-toned design with a weave of carbon fiber threads and a bit of brushed aluminum.

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Incipio DualPro Shine

The Incipio DualPro Shine features a sleek aluminum finish that will be sure to turn heads. With a dual-layer design that protects your beloved device, the DualPro Shine has transparent sides for added style.

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HTC One Double Dip Hard Shell ($23.52)

The HTC One Double Dip Hard Shell features a three-toned design: A gray base encases the phone, while a red strip on the top and a darker gray strip on the bottom lock the device in. Made from a tough polycarbonate, this case protects your new HTC One in style.

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Belkin Wallet Folio ($27.99)

Belkin's Wallet Folio lets you ditch your wallet and combine your essentials into your HTC One case. Made from a high-quality stitched material with a finely brushed texture, the case features inner pockets for credit cards and ID. The Wallet Folio folds closed to protect your belongings, and its soft microfiber inner lining protects your device's screen.

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