5 Best Headphones with Their Own Apps

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How do you make a pair of headphones sound even better? Add a free app for controlling the cans from your phone. The apps for the following headphones tag team your ears, offering a range of features including a slew of preset equalizers and proprietary audio technology. Some even organize your songs into easy-to-manage playlists. One thing's for sure, these app-assisted headphones will be music to your ears.

Parrot Zik/Parrot Audio Suite (Android/iOS)
By themselves, the Parrot Zik by Starck headphones are awesome. The wireless cans' industrial chic design masks the touch control and NFC panels. They sound great too, delivering rich, clear and balanced audio.

However when the headset is combined with the Parrot Audio Suite App, listeners can choose from 7 different equalizers, and adjust the speaker angle and soundscapes for a customized experience. The app also controls Active Noise Cancellation and monitors the Zik's battery life.

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Klipsch S4A/Klipsch Control (Android)
Designed specifically for Android devices, the Klipsch S4A in-ear headphones offer a comfortable fit thanks to their unique oval shaped buds. The buds deliver deep bass and clear highs via the dual magnet 8.5mm drivers.

The Klipsch Control app enables listeners to take over their Android device's music and call controls via the single button remote. Using the app, listeners can program the number of taps necessary to play, pause and skip tracks as well as adjust the volume and answer or ignore calls.

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Denon Urban Raver/Denon Club (Android/iOS)
The Denon Urban Raver headphones are humungous, but they have the audio to match. When users aren't fiddling with the side knobs to adjust volume or the brightness of the LEDs, they can check out the Denon Club app. Created specifically for the Ravers, Denon Club can be used as a replacement music player complete with a customizable equalizer in addition to 10 presets. There are also 3 audio effects including Bass Boost and Internet Radio thanks to the built-in TuneIn service.

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Myth Labs/iMyth Labs Sonic Signature (iOS)
Hailed as the world's first modular headphones, Myth Labs allows music lovers to build their own headphones including the headbands and the speaker. The iMyth Labs Sonic Signature app helps users create their ideal headphone by scanning a user's playlist and examining audio quality. The app also asks a series of questions, including your favorite music genres. The end result is a pair of headphones tuned to your music preference and lifestyle.

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Jabra Revo Wireless/Jabra Sound (Android/iOS)
Jabra squeezes touch panel controls and NFC capability into the Revo Wireless Headphones' funky, lightweight frame. The Jabra Sound App enhances the Revos audio by adding Mobile Surround Sound and Dolby Digital Plus. Even cooler, pressing down on the left earcup launches the app on the connected device for quick and easy access.

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