Apple WWDC 2013: Top 5 Stories

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We had some sneaking suspicions about what to expect at WWDC 2013, but we didn't know the changes to Mac OS X and iOS announced at Apple's yearly conference would be this big. Nor did we expect to hear about a new MacBook Air with an estimated 12 hours of battery life. Needless to say the show, was jam-packed with goodies. Here are the top 5 stories of Apple's major event.

Apple iOS 7: The New Features

Apple described it's new operating as "the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone". Multi-tasking gets an upgrade, Safari is streamlined to showcase more content, new gestures make navigation easier and Siri gets a male voice option. The changes weren't restricted to user interface either: the cosmetic changes to the mobile OS, designed by Jonny Ive, looked beautiful, lively and inviting.

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Next Mac OS X is a Maverick

Apple revamped Mac OS X almost as much as iOS 7, right down to the name of the next-gen operating system, Mavericks. On the screen, you'll find interactive notifications that let you respond to messages, iCloud-based keychains to sync your passwords across several devices, iWork for iCloud for Web-based productivity across Mac and PC and much-improved apps for Calendar and Maps, plus plenty more.

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Apple MacBook Air Lasts 12 Hours on a Charge

The biggest news surrounding the 13-inch MacBook Air is that, with Intel’s Haswell CPU and other power-savingtechnologies, the notebook should last up to 12 hours on a charge, which is about 5 hours longer than the previous generation.  

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Apple iOS in the Car Brings Your Phone to the Dashboard

OS in the Car goes beyond services like iPod Out and Siri Eyes Free with access to phone calls, iTunes, Maps and Messages within the mobile OS. Cue briefly showed that users will be able to call up songs or artists through voice, as well as directions. Given that Siri can already handle it, we imagine the ability to initiate phone calls and text messages will be included, too.

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Apple iTunes Radio Challenges Spotify, Pandora to DJ Battle

iTunes Radio will be a part of the iTunes app and will give listeners the option to tune into featured stations or create a new station from liked songs. Listeners can also purchase songs and share radio stations with friends — all within iTunes.  All of that sounds very similar to features available in competing music services Pandora and Spotify. So how can iTunes Radio compete?

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