Apple OS X Mavericks Release Date Tipped for Late October

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Apple hasn’t said much about its next Mac operating system since it announced the software in June, but a new tip suggests it could launch next month. Sources with “knowledge of the launch plans” allegedly told 9to5Mac that OS X 10.9 Mavericks will roll out at the end of October.

Although some expect the Mac software refresh to be released in conjunction with iOS 7, which will likely hit iOS devices this month, Apple’s history suggests a different launch pattern. As 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman acknowledges, Apple has previously released new operating systems such as OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion following an earnings release. Apple traditionally reveals its Q4 earnings during the second half of October, which would line up with 9to5Mac’s alleged tip for the OS x 10.9 Mavericks launch.

Apple introduced its next-generation Mac operating system at its WWDC conference in June, unveiling a slew of new features. The OS comes with additions such as support for multiple displays, the ability to organize and tag files just like Evernote, and a Maps app that can interact with your iPhone.

Mavericks has been in a beta stage since June, but the most recent developer preview edition arrived earlier this week. The newest seed comes with numerous performance enhancements, which could mean that a mainstream launch is closing in.

While we’re expecting to hear more about OS X 10.9 in October, Apple is rumored to announce its new additions to the iPhone family next week at its Sept. 10 media event. 

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Tabbed Finder Windows

Most of your favorite files are in a folder that's 4 levels off the root. But when you want to move that file to another folder, it happens to be several levels away. If that's enough to make you completely lost, OS X Mavericks is making folder browsing a bit easier.

Taking a page from Web browsers, Finder windows now support tabs, allowing users to simply open a New Finder tab and start navigating somewhere new without cluttering their desktop or getting completely lost.

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Document Tagging

Organization is key as you collect more and more documents. You saved your grandma's favorite cookie recipe, but you can't remember what you named the file and where you put it. With OS X Maverick's new file tagging system, you'll be able to organize your entire file system just like you organize Evernote.

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Multiple Display Support

Sometimes one display isn't enough. Maybe you want to watch some Netflix while working on an email or doing research file writing a paper. Things can get pretty crowded, with windows squeezed into little corners or tabs that need constant switching back and forth.

Apple's new OS now supports multiple displays, allowing users to get even more stuff done on their Macs. Users can open apps in full screen mode on their second monitor without affecting the main screen or work side by side with multiple windows. Plus, those with Apple TV can connect their computer via AirPlay and turn their television in to a full-powered display.

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New Safari

Safari now offers smoother performance and a cleaner interface using a new sidebar that lets you browse right from your bookmarks on the left side of the screen. A new feature called Shared links lets you quickly see what your Twitter and Facebook friends are sharing.

Safari also has improvements under the hood, offering 3.8 times more performance on JSBench JavaScript benchmark. Safari also uses less memory and energy than Chrome and Firefox, potentially giving you longer battery life.

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App Nap

Some apps simply use more battery than others, which can be a drag if you're away from your power cord. Apple's new OS X Mavericks knows what's running in the foreground and reduces power based on anything that's not visible to the user.

So if you've accidentally left your browser open on a Flash game but have moved on to writing in Pages, you computer's power won't suffer as much. When you're ready, you can always switch back to the game and pick up right where you left off, battery and all.

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iCloud Keychain

Sometimes it can be difficult to remember all your passwords, but now iCloud is here to help. You can have Safari remember your passwords, or even suggest complex passwords for you, and the information will sync across all your devices.

Similar to 1Password or Dashlane, iCloud Keychain can even store credit card information, helping to make online shopping even easier. Users will just need to remember one secure pass phrase and then they can sign in or shop anywhere online.

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OS X's system notifications are now interactive. You can now reply to incoming messages or emails and accept or decline Facetime calls directly from the Notifications alert window. OS X Mavericks can also delivers push alerts, whether it's your fantasy football team or eBay alert. The lock screen will show you what notifications you missed since you last logged on.

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Apple's Calendar app gets a face lift and a host of new features. Gone are the leather and textures as the new Calendar features a flat design and is aware of big events like your vacation and weather.

The new Calendar makes it easy to create events and has a built-in suggestion engine if you're not sure where you want to eat for your upcoming dinner plans. Like Google Now, the new Calendar app can also calculate how long it will take to get to your next meeting from your previous one, helping make sure you're always on time.

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More and more iOS apps are coming to OS X, so it's not surprising to find the Maps app available in Mavericks. Similar to the well-established Google Maps, users can flyover a 3D map, search for points of interest, and get turn by turn directions. Also just like Google Maps, directions can be sent directly from your Mac to your iPhone with the tap of a button.

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Your favorite iBooks are coming to the Mac, thanks to the new desktop iBooks app, making it easy to read and take notes on both your desktop and mobile device. Users can easily zoom in on photos or play videos, and can pull open a sidebar to show all related notes. There's even a study card feature, so students can cram for their next exam from any Apple device.

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