How to Add Pictures from SkyDrive to a Document in Word 2013

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You're working on a document while overseas on a business trip, when suddenly you realize that a critical chart isn't saved on your laptop. If this sounds like a heart-stopping moment, don't worry -- Microsoft Word 2013 now boasts integration with SkyDrive, meaning that you can snatch documents and images straight from the cloud. Simply follow these steps to start adding pictures from your SkyDrive account directly into your Word documents.

1. Click "Insert" at the top of the screen.

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2. Click "Online Pictures" on the Ribbon.

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3. Click "Browse" on the right side of your SkyDrive in the popup window.

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4.  Click "Insert" when you've selected the picture you want to add.

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5. Click the "Layout Options" Button at the top right corner of the picture to modify the picture's placement within the text.

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