7 Ergonomic iPad Accessories to Save Your Neck

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Recently, a Harvard study revealed that tablet users are more likely to experience a a strain on their shoulders, necks and backs--even more so than laptop and PC users. Thus, the slightly ridiculous-sounding neologisms "iPad Shoulder" and "iPad Neck" were coined to describe the condition. But while the terminology initially sounds bizarre, these ailments are actually real.

According to the study, the worst way to use your iPad is on your lap, which causes you to hunch over and place more stress than usual on your neck and shoulders. This inevitably leads to soreness and the possibility of messing up your posture. To help you avoid Android Neck, we've rounded up seven ergonomic accessories for the iPad.

Joby GorillaMobile Ori ($69.95)

The Joby GorillaMobile Ori is nice because it's not your typical, triangle-folding iPad buttress. It lets you prop up your tablet to an ergonomic height and offers highly adjustable viewing angles. A painless rotate option lets you swivel quickly between portrait and landscape orientation, and the folio case also makes use of the iPad 2's auto-wake magnets.

ClamCase ($149)

Harvard's scientific study on iPad neck and iPad shoulder mentions that the tablet form factor is less ideal than an actual laptop setup. So why not turn your iPad into a laptop with this accessory? This limited edition covering from ClamCase--"The Trooper"--encases your precious tablet in a protective polycarbonate shell and looks extremely sleek doing it, too.

The Meglio ($39.95)

Perfect for dudes who enjoys lounging around with their tablets, The Meglio is tailor-made for couch potatoes. The ergonomic grip/holder fits right into your palm to let you bring the iPad to your face without any trouble. The Meglio also lets you stand the accessory on a table, or even on your lap.

PropUp iPad Stand ($29.99)

The PropUp iPad stand might look rather clunky at first glance, but ergonomics-wise, it does the trick. You can stand your iPad in portrait or landscape mode on any flat surface, and the accessory comes in a variety of bright and playful colors.

Power Support Ergonomic iPad Typing Stand ($40)

Power Support's iPad Typing Stand is the solution for serious iPad users who are just looking for that classic ergonomic stand. Nothing is more straightforward than this iPad accessory that lets you prop up your tablet at three different heights in both portrait and landscape orientations. It has an opening for the iPad's 30-pin dock connector while you stand it up.

Cygnett Multi-view Folio Case ($49.99)

The Multi-view Folio Case by Cygnett is exactly the versatile accessory it sounds like. You can keep your tablet ensconced within the unassuming jacket, or whip out the front cover to prop up your tablet in landscape mode. The case comes in beige, purple and brown.

MacAlly DualStand ($29.99)

The MacAlly Stand isn't just a form-fitting protective travel case--it also converts into a stand for both typing and viewing. It even lets you prop up your iPad at two convenient heights, letting you use your tablet according to your personal preferences.

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